Conference Game Day #18

MATT BOUNCED BACK!!!!!!! And was more efficient than ever. To be fair, we called it. Congrats Matt!

This is going to be way more brief than it should be -hotel “high speed” wifi is a lie -watching the games earlier was almost impossible. Thankfully there was rarely more than one on at a time because nothing good would’ve come out of it. As such: due to us having a life outside of basketball (just kidding -was busy actually attending a game) these are going to be way more brief than preferred; there’s going to be TONS to discuss this week, so look forward to that.

To the people that update the Twitter accounts for various schools -bless you.

MSUB 59 @ SPU 81

The big story of this game is Matt Borton bouncing back. Finally. Double-double in 23 minutes. Awesome. MSUB had good moments, but the Falcons wanted it pretty badly. SPU is one of the better rebounding teams in the conference and it shows. Much as when a team plays SFU there are certain expectations in their stats -when a team plays SPU, there’s a certain expectation of lack of stats.

Yellowjacket highlights: Marc Matthews had 21 points; Emmanuel Johnson had 10 points and five boards; Tyler Nelson had five boards; Antoine Hosley had 15 points off the bench; and Jordan Perry had five boards off the bench.

Falcon highlights: Bryce Leavitt had six boards and seven points; Riley Stockton had a full house with seven boards, one assist, one steal, one block, two fouls, and seven points; Matt as noted had 20 points and 10 boards, going 8-8 from the line; Mitch Penner had nine points and seven boards; Cory Hutsen had 20 points and five boards and managed to not go to the foul line!. Off the bench, Shawn Reid had 12 points.

Good win for the Falcons, unfortunately it was kind of a prep win -doesn’t say much in terms of anything.

SFU 91 @ WOU 93

Once again, the Wolves didn’t have Andy. The good news is, they’re hoping they’ll have him back next week up at the Alaska schools. Crossing our fingers, Hunger Games salute -all that jazz. Numbers modified, for the uninitiated.

Clan highlights: Sango had 8 points, four assists; Justin Cole had 6 points; Rod had 12 points and five boards; Michael Harper had 14 points; off the bench, JJ Pankratz had five points.

Wolf highlights: JULIAN NICHOLS HAD 23 POINTS!!!! And a full house with four boards, six assists, three steals, one block, and three fouls; Jordan Wiley had 14 points and four boards. Not the best game from the Wolves, but they got it done when it counted.

WWU 90 @ SMU 79

The Saints hung around for a while in this one -not sure whether or not to call it impressive. To beat a dead pastor/vicar/nun (ha! Get it?): the Saints have talent, they’re just bad at using it, so when they do it’s not surprising they have it, it’s surprising it activated. Congrats to the Vikings for working together and actually getting some good minutes off your bench.

Viking highlights: Ricardo had 15 points and seven assists; Anye had eight points and five boards; Jeff Parker had a fantastic 24 points; Mac Johnson had a full house with six boards, three assists, three steals, two blocks, one foul, and five points; Joey Schreiber had 22 points off the bench.

Saints highlights: Trey Ingram had 15 points; Ryan Rogers had eight boards; Tyler Idowu (as noted last night) had 24 points; off the bench: Brent Counts had 11 points.

UAA 93 @ NNU 100 in OT

What an amazing game. Sadly it was not watched live, but UAA kept us all up on it on Twitter; thank-you UAA social media. NNU: please up your social media game. When a team goes to NNU and for some reason we have other responsibilities that night, it’s like the two teams are in a black hole, generally speaking. Which is unfortunate during games like this when why would you want to be in a black hole? This game was awesome.

Seawolf highlights: Brian McGill had six assists; Travis T. had 33 points; Derrick Fain had 32 points; Kalidou is still out -we miss you Kalidou.

Crusader highlights: Alex Birketoft had a full house with nine boards, two assists, two steals, and 29 points; Erik Kinney had 14 points and nine boards; Aubrey Ball had 14 points, six boards, and five assists -nicely done; Matyas had 10 points; Kevin Rima had a double-double with 19 points and 10 boards. Off the bench, Bouna had a full house with 11 points, three boards, three assists, one steal, one block, and two fouls.

Biggest things to note from this game include that Brian McGill was tamed and NNU has had some rough growing pains as of late, but are coming back up. MSUB should be a nice warm-up game on Thursday before they take on conference big brother SPU.

UAF 66 @ CWU 75

The Nooks hung tough in this one for a good long while, but ultimately couldn’t do it. Not surprising -Central is an incredibly difficult place to play, mixed with the fact of Central being a difficult team, means -not an easy win. Still a good game. Not as impressive on the side of the Wildcats as we might like, but hey -a win is a win.

Nanook highlights: Tony Reese had 10 boards; Ashton’s back in the starting line-up and had 12 points; Almir had 23 points. Off the bench, Eric Fongue had 10 points and five boards.

Wildcat highlights: Marc Rodgers had five assists; Terry Dawn had 12 boards; Dom Williams had 27 points; Devin Matthews had eight points off the bench. Gary Jacobs didn’t have a good night -interesting. Look forward to seeing him bounce back; he’s been dynamite lately.

Yes, that was really brief, yes nothing is tagged, it was an amazing afternoon of basketball -loved almost every minute of it. There were a few heart attacks in there for sure, but blessing of the blog: We get to root for everybody =) There are no losses.


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