Game Day Previews

MSUB @ SPU @ 3pm PST

The Falcons should roll pretty easily -MSUB’ll try and stop it, but it shouldn’t be that big of a deal. MSUB has gained some steam as of late, being competitive in every game, but being competitive against most squad vs being competitive against the SPUs of the world are different.

SFU @ WOU @ 4pm PST

Senior night. Be interesting to see what WOU does without Andy. SFU is playing for pride and they did well on Thursday night, but again: there’s doing well against a team like SMU and doing well against a team like WOU. Still, because we suspect Andy is still gone -we’ll call this game a toss-up, just because we don’t know WOU without Andy nor do they, so an adjustment period seems wise.

UAA @ NNU @ 6pm PST

This should actually be a really good match-up. It should go back and forth quite a bit, but ultimately expect NNU to win; they’re at home, it’s senior night, they just officially clinched a conference tourney birth, they’re riding high.

WWU @ SMU @ 7pm PST

Vikings will roll. SMU played them competitively last time, but WWU was still having chemistry issues at that point; now they’re not. SMU’s senior night, but… eh. Don’t really expect it to make a difference.

UAF @ CWU @ 7:30pm PST

CWU’s senior night and they’ve got a lot to play for. They should steamroll the Nooks.


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