Conference Game Day #17

Wow. What a night. No Andy Avgi. WOU got blown out. Haven’t heard what’s up with him, so if someone on here knows if we can expect him back -let us know.

We’re getting to a point when bracketology is starting to rule the day, and so before discussing the results of last night, we’re going to talk about the potential implications regarding the WOU loss. This isn’t necessarily what the committee’s thinking but what they should be thinking.

WOU didn’t have Andy -this was covered; it meant that WOU lost 18 points and 5 boards. It also meant that Julian missed out on a bunch of assists, but that’s not quite as telling.

Should it be taken into consideration by the committee? Someone said it won’t be, but I’d disagree. If the Wolves will have Andy for post season, they should fall a bit, but it shouldn’t really affect their place too much unless they completely blow it in the last couple of weeks. However, if they’re not going to have Andy… that should be taken into account. You’re looking at two wholly different teams.

Last year Seattle Pacific dropped a few games early and when looking at a potential at-large birth, the reasoning I regularly heard for the Falcons getting one was because for those three they didn’t have Patrick Simon. Patrick Simon was injured during the Chico State game (loss) and didn’t come back until after the losses to Saint Martin’s and Western Oregon. It was argued they shouldn’t matter because the Falcons would have Pat for the tournament.

It ended up being for naught because the Falcons got the auto bid and instead WWU’s bubble burst not from the loss to the Falcons, but because of other teams that wouldn’t have gotten a bid winning the other respective conference tournaments.

WOU should be safe from that, but if they’re not going to have Andy, their seeding should still take a bit of a hit. It could actually be bad for the GNAC, assuming we get a second team -if WOU ends up fourth, that means two GNAC teams likely immediately play, which would be BS, but oh well.

Anyway, onward with last night’s stuff:

Alaska Fairbanks 56 @ Northwest Nazarene 67

It went back and forth for a bit, then NNU gained control and didn’t let go. It was what it was. They could’ve opened it up more, but Kevin Rima didn’t have a good game. Not really something concerning -NNU’s seemed off lately, but they’re still for the most part doing what they need to, and thus it’s fine.

Nanook highlights: Anthony Reese had six boards and nine points; Alex Duncan had 18 points; Almir had 10 points and eight boards; off the bench, Eric Fongue had 11 points.

Crusader highlights: Alex Birketoft had 10 points and eight boards; Erik Kinney had 17 points; Kevin had 11 points; Bouna had 12 points off the bench. Not too much to write home about, but they got it done.

Alaska Anchorage 67 @ Central Washington 80

People keep asking why we’re not giving UAA the “credit they deserve.” We are; they qualified for the tournament second, but they have no signature wins. They lost to Humboldt State, lost to BYU-H, swept WWU in an off-year, and got swept by CWU, SPU, and potentially WOU. Where is the strength of resume? Not saying it’s impossible for them to do something still, but there are plenty of other teams with better resumes.

Seawolf highlights: Travis T. had 11 points; Derrick Fain had 12; DOM HUNTER HAD 21 OFF THE BENCH!!!!! That should’ve been a nightlight, but oh well.

Central highlights: Marc Rodgers had 10 points; Joe Stroud almost had a double double with 12 points and 9 boards; Dom Williams had 26 points; GARY JACOBS HAD 16 POINTS OFF THE BENCH!!

Overall not the most exciting game, but it could have been; congrats to CWU on getting it done.

Simon Fraser 103 @ Saint Martin’s 87

Simon Fraser still playing like they’ve got something to go for -team pride, and making sure Sango leaves with decent memories. They’re officially out of the conference tournament, but they still put on a show against the ever irritating Saint Martin’s. Remember: irritating because they’re not as bad as they play. They’ve got talent and good coaching, the guys just don’t utilize it that often.

Modified per usual.

Clan highlights: Sango had 10 points, 9 assists, five rebounds, a steal, and a block; Justin Cole had 16 points; Rod had 10 points, Michael Harper had nine points, and Patrick Simon II appeared again with 12 points. Off the bench, Adam Westfall had five points. Rebounding otherwise was a team effort.

Saints highlights: Victor had seven boards and eight points; Riley Carel had five assists; Ryan Rogers had 15 points and seven boards. Off the bench, Isaac Bianchini had nine points; Tyler Idowu had 10 points.

Western Washington 73 @ Western Oregon 50

There’s not much to say about this game that hasn’t already been said; there’s no way WOU rests Andy for it, so we suspect he’s genuinely injured, although we won’t know for sure until some type of statement is made -it doesn’t matter if they have him against SFU.

Viking highlights: Ricardo Maxwell had 16 points; Anye Turner had a full house with 15 points, 11 boards, two assists, one steal, one block, and three fouls; Jeff Parker had 18 points on 7-11 shooting; Mac Johnson had 11 points and 11 boards. Off the bench: Kyle Impero had 8 points and three boards; Joey Schreiber had eight boards.

Congrats to the Vikings on a nice win with a big asterisk; semi-harsh, but the truth.

Sorry this ultimately went up so late, game previews ASAP.


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  1. Anonymous

    Wow, what a night! Switching watching all the games was super fun and super exhausting.

    Press release on the WOU site after Thursday’s game states that Avgi is out with a “medical condition”. Didn’t look like there were any crutches involved from the bench where he appeared to be sitting tonight. Dunno. WOU seems to be a tightlipped place. Disagree that the committee will take Avgi being out into consideration, think WOU will probably keep everybody guessing, but I don’t know anything about what committees think like, I just think it could be a very slippery slope of speculation if they always took into consideration who might/could/will/won’t be injured. Maybe WOU will make a statement about Avgi, but it would be more fun if they keep their lips sealed and keep us all on the edges of our seats. I hope for WOU’s sake that he’s back and healthy by GNAC tourney time.

    Agree on not needing to give UAA any more credit. They’ve got some guards that are good, but they haven’t got the package and it seems like every year they are such a part of the preseason hype and they just never consistently do that much. They haven’t had any big men with any authority in a long time and a deep team has to be more than just a few good guards. What exactly is a seawolf anyways? Come on, blow WOU out (with Avgi) next week, I dare you.

    Central’s Dom shot 10/24 tonight. They are talking big about their game next week against SPU for seeding, but SPU is one of the best rebounding teams in the league (and hello, Matt heard us talking about him and double-doubled it tonight…) Dom took more than double the shots that Ashton took tonight and yeah, he scores a ton, but against good rebounding teams, the 14 shots that he misses are going to hurt. CWU played a lot of guys a lot of minutes tonight, so it’s hard to even fathom how he got that many shots off with such a deep bench. Ummmm. Almir absolutely had his way with Stroud tonight so that looks sketchy too. Okay, yeah they won, but looking ahead their are some problems.

    NNU looks good but they also looked like turnover city against the AK schools. Kinney is hands down the league leader in technicals (maybe slam dunks too, who knows). Turnovers ain’t gonna fly when the competition tightens up and every errant ball turns into points for the opposing.

    Western, the bipolar team this year has got its medications straightened out, but they play such a short bench in tight games and the tourney is not going to be easy for a short bench with 3 games in 3 days in Montana… Fatigue will be a factor.

    SPU, man who knows. Matt seems like a little bit of their fire but he got to rest this week and next week won’t be restful.

    Who really knows, but the next 2 weeks are going to be fun seeing how all this shakes out. Totally not trying to take over the blog, just love having other addicts to feed the craziness with. I’m not really looking past the GNAC tourney, cause all of these problems listed above and knowing the GNAC is down this year is probably not going to bring music to our ears after the first week of March, but the next 2 weeks are going to be fun, for sure.


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