Nightlights: Hi WWU! We Miss You Andy!

So WWU blows out WOU at Western Oregon when WOU doesn’t have Andy Avgi. Does that tell us anything at all? On the one hand, we appear to have our Vikings back -missed you WWU of old, really, really missed you- but on the other hand Andy is amazing and where did he go?

We noted in our preview of the game that generally speaking WOU expects to play their starters most of the minutes -Andy Avgi largely only plays 20 or so minutes in blowouts; he played something of 45 in 2OT against SPU. Had they had him tonight, we’re of the opinion that the score would’ve looked different, but the result might not have been.

Andy averages 18 points per game; WWU won by 23. Obviously Andy does more than that -he’s a big body, really makes you work around him, gets guys in foul trouble, all kinds of stuff, and yet… WOU had 30 boards; Andy averages close to six; WWU had 43. It is our view that WWU would’ve won even if the Wolves had Andy -WWU is a good team. Not as good as they’ve been in past years, but they’re by no means bad, especially now that they seem to be actually functioning cohesively.

Both Anye and Mac had double-doubles!! So proud of them. The Vikings cleared their bench, which if the Wolves had Andy and they managed this would be a good move, but honestly in light of it just kind of seems a bit tacky; good to see that Blake Bowen still exists. Pretty balanced minutes. It’s kind of a weird feeling, not going to lie. On the one hand you’re not surprised because it’s WWU, on the other hand WOU it’s not a real blow out.

Not sure what this implies for the rest of the conference unless Andy is out for the rest of the season; this late in the year, maybe nothing. Although… if WOU isn’t going to have Andy for the NCAA tournament and the Wolves don’t win the auto bid from the GNAC, if I’m a member of the selection committee I’m thinking long and hard about whether or not they deserve an at large birth.

Remember: Who would you rather play? Chico State or WOU without Andy? Yeah. So that’ll be interesting to see. You know they wouldn’t rest Andy just for fun this game -this was looming huge; they likely could’ve done it on Saturday without too much issue. Guess we’ll see.

With WWU: the Vikings are coming on strong, hopefully they’re not peaking too soon. Theoretically this is just them finding their groove. Tonight’s been just plain exhausting, so excuse the lack of enthusiasm over Anye and Mac.

CWU/UAA… Impressive how out of sorts the Wildcats got the Seawolves. Not particularly surprisingly, although still a bit surprising just how uncomfortable UAA looked. There was a question about why this blog isn’t convinced by the Seawolves -while it’s admittedly hard to win in Nicholson, it’s not THAT hard. That’s why the blog isn’t convinced by UAA; their best win is a sweep of WWU, while they’ve been swept by CWU, SPU, and if they’re not careful WOU this coming week. They’ve won when they’ve had to and been able to, nothing more, nothing less.

NNU/UAF was pretty par for the course. Biggest thing to note was some pretty bad shooting, with the exception of Bouna N’Diaye who served as a rockin’ 6th man. Awesome Bouna! Way to go. 12 points, 5 boards, 2 assists, all off the bench.

Other deets on tonight’ll be posted sometime tomorrow morning.


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