Game Day Previews

Alaska Fairbanks @ Northwest Nazarene @ 6pm PST

NNU should roll, but UAF is going to want to stop it. NNU is still technically fighting for a spot in the conference tournament and this win is necessary -Saturday is going to be a battle, so they need to keep their eyes on the Nooks. The Nooks -they probably won’t win, but they could. NNU seems to be falling off lately and UAF played conference tourney bound SPU tough and then won convincingly against MSUB, so… we’ll see. NNU’s a different monster than they usually are -inevitably the last second victory of the Crusaders in the last meeting will weigh.

Simon Fraser @ Saint Martin’s @ 7pm PST

Simon Fraser is still technically fighting for a spot in the conference tourney -it’s almost impossible, but not quite. If they want to keep the hopes alive, this is a necessary victory. SMU is a good team and isn’t going to want it to happen. We’ll see.

Western Washington @ Western Oregon @ 7pm PST

This has the feeling of a great match-up and it should be. While WWU is severely lacking in depth, they’re not lacking in talent, and we regularly see WOU not utilize their bench particularly well, so… it seems likely to be a game where we see maybe seven guys from each team (that’s standard protocol for WWU, standard protocol during intense games for WOU). Our bet is that WOU wins out, but obviously WWU isn’t going to want to let that happen, so… we shall see.

Alaska Anchorage @ Central Washington @ 7pm PST

This is not a huge game because both teams are already in the conference tourney, but Anchorage is yet to pick up a signature win -the wins against WWU aren’t as impressive as they’d usually be. They got beat thoroughly by the Wildcats when the two teams played up in Anchorage, and so it’ll be interesting to see what they do. It’s hard to get a win in Nicholson, but if Anchorage wants to be taken seriously as a potential conference tourney winner prior to going and winning the tournament -this is a win they need, although it probably still won’t be enough; too many signature losses.

Usually we’d pick a game of the night, but you can take your pick on UAA @ CWU or WWU @ WOU; they’re pretty even and there’s no defining draw for either -maybe WOU has the edge because of the whole wanting to get through the conference season with only one loss, but… they still have to play UAA, which will also loom large.

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