Discussions: The GNAC Tourney.

This feels incredibly premature, considering a bunch of these teams still have to play each other, but oh well.

Western Oregon (1)
13-1 = 15-3
Last loss: Jan. 1 to Seattle Pacific
Games left to play: WWU, SFU, @UAA, @UAF

Honestly expect them to win every game, but better to throw a couple in as a toss-up.

Seattle Pacific (2)
10-5 = 12-6
Last Loss: Feb. 7 to SFU
Games left to play: MSUB, CWU, NNU

No road games left. Falcons have been road warriors though, so… hmmm.

Central Washington (3)
9-5 = 11-7
Regional Losses: Numerous -BYU-H, HPU being their non-con losses.
Last loss: Feb. 12 @ WWU
Games left to play: UAA, UAF, @SPU, @MSUB

Second most brutal remaining schedule, but they get a break unlike their challengers.

Alaska Anchorage (4)
10-4 = 11-7
Last loss: Feb. 14 to Seattle Pacific
Games left to play: @CWU, @ NNU, SMU, WOU

Most brutal remaining schedule.

Western Washington (5)
8-7 = 10-8
Last loss: Jan. 29 to UAA
Games left to play: @SMU, @WOU, SFU

Northwest Nazarene (6)
8-6 = 9-9
Last loss: Feb. 14 @ NNU
Games left to play: UAA, UAF, @SPU, @MSUB 

Not sure to think about this NNU team… they’ve been up and down lately. Anything could happen.

SFU seems out; they’d have to win out against WWU and WOU, which will be almost impossible with their depth issues. While WWU has depth issues too… there’s a big difference between the depth issues WWU has and the depth issues most teams have.

Central Washington or Western Washington will likley win the auto bid if WOU doesn’t. Seattle Pacific has seemed really out of sorts as of late, even with the win over UAA. It’s hard to play at UAA; seems more like UAA lost it rather than Seattle Pacific won it. As such: Don’t expect the Seawolves to procure the auto bid either.

Just a gut feeling: CWU/WWU is where it’s at. Yes, that’s sacrilege to say on all fronts (be it Falcon, Wildcat, or Viking) but it’s the truth. Aren’t you happy you’re left out of this rivalry mess, WOU?

Projected GNAC seeding:

WOU — BYE — WWU —? — ?
SPU — BYE — CWU — ? — ?
CWU vs. NNU  — CWU = 1st round
UAA vs. WWU — WWU = 1st round

Aren’t those match-ups fantastic? Get chills just thinking about it. CWU is yet to beat NNU, so they’re gonna be out for blood. WWU is yet to beat UAA and WWU is massively on the rise, whereas UAA seems to be somewhere in the middle. It’s odd that we’d take CWU and WWU, but the third time is the charm, eh? SPU’s a non-discussion because not even I know what they’re doing. They have the talent to win the conference tourney, but who knows if they’ll decide to.

The other two conferences are praying that WOU wins the conference tourney, and… we’ll see. The GNAC tourney is gonna be a fun time, even if it’s in Billings. The other tournaments are going to be just as much fun, we’ll keep you updated about what’s going on in the Pac-West and CCAA as stuff comes up.

We’re two weeks away from the most wonderful time of the year, and… we can’t wait!

Up next: More discussions, probably more conference related, but there could very well be another discussions post on Bracketology tomorrow as well.




  1. Nick learner

    Wondering why this whole season you have been down on Anchorage? Picked second in league and are second league. You have given them no love all year, why haven’t you.

    Thank you for the blog! Love d2 ball. Grew up watching Washburn play and have always been a d2 fan.


    • GNAC Men's BasketBlog

      Re: Anchorage.

      Because of their losses to Humboldt State and BYU-H -they had a chance to prove themselves and didn’t. In terms of the GNAC -the wins against WWU this year just aren’t as impressive as they usually would be; they got swept by SPU, beaten thoroughly by WOU, allowed SMU to take them to OT, and then lost big time to CWU while at home. They have a few major games coming up right here at the end -be interesting to see what they do.

      Thank-you for thanking me! I’m having so much fun writing it!

      Washburn is great. I was quite disappointed that SPU didn’t end up playing them this year.


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