Player of the Week is… Anye Turner! Again!

That’s two weeks in a row. We’d like to pretend it’s because we gave him a road map of what he needed to do during the second half of the season, and he’s been following it to a T, which is true, but… reality: losing Jaamon Echols helped him a lot. Still who really cares why it’s occurring? We’re just happy and super proud of his dynamite play.

What did he do this week that was so awesome? The usual, really.

Against Central Washington: Decent shooting, good free throw shooting, rebounding like a boss (he had 12), had a couple of blocks, picked up four fouls in 28 minutes… work in progress. That’s good. It’s still an improvement from the days of playing 23 minutes (he played 28).

Against Northwest Nazarene: Good shooting, great rebounding, shot blocking all up in yo’ bidness, fouling with care this time. Anye is becoming a dingo -he’s lethal, he’s lithe, he’s steals your shots, and he’s learning how to not be detected.

Obviously Anye is awesome and we love him, but promise: this is done through an algorithm; he can count it as legit, and y’all can’t complain. Shout out to Travis Thompson for coming in second.

Tomorrow there’ll be a discussions post -we’re probably going to have two of them this week because as things start heading toward the end/beginning, there’s just more and more to talk about that’s interesting to contemplate.

Absolutely want your questions, thoughts, debates, all of that. Leave a comment -we have a great history of turning comments of readers into awesome prompts for posts and everybody enjoys it because the more the merrier.

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