Nightlights: Frosh Rock Center!

Because there were a lot of awesome performances last night and sometimes formal is not the answer.

First and foremost: ALEX BIRKETOFT HAD 22 POINTS AND EIGHT REBOUNDS!!!!!!! He’s a freshman *clap, clap, clap clap clap* The loss is disappointing but NNU’s made major progress this year and while losing Kevin is going to be hard, they’re still going to have so much coming back. Part of their success is inevitably our weak conference, but it’s still cool.

Second: BOUNA STARTED!!!!!!!!!! Blog favorite. No rhyme or reason; he had some big games early in the season, but his name is just fun, regardless.

AnYES went 6-7 (ha! he is 6’7) and only picked up three fouls in 27 minutes. Again: we really, really like fouling, but the Vikings need Anye to be able to go deep; he wasn’t needed to go deep, but he does up his productivity accordingly and we’re so, so, so proud of him!! It’s a good day.

MAC HAD 20. There are so many people that are fun to be excited about. Mac is awesome and we totally believe in his improvement.

CORY HUTSEN HAD 23 POINTS. And was still terrible from the free throw line, but that’s okay. Obviously it almost wasn’t, but we’re not in a mood to complain. That’s back-to-back-to-back? 20 point games. We were very excited about him in our pre-season preview and he’d been letting us down but he’s starting to step up.

Also with the Falcons: Who’s Sam Simpson? Why hasn’t he played more? Kid scored 12 points off the bench and played 19 minutes… in one of the last regular season games? Ooookay. Baller status.

Gary Jacobs going 12-13. Yes it’s SFU and so it doesn’t quite count, but that’s still a shooting percentage in the 90s, which ALWAYS counts.

Overall a pretty sick night of basketball, lots of good center play. The SPU/UAA game was surprisingly good because quite deservedly we’d lost faith in the Falcons. Sam Simpson is apparently a 6’8 freshman, but weighs 190, which leads one to think of fellow frosh Alex Birketoft and wonder about the battles they could hold in the coming years.

Always good times. Tomorrow: POW nominees and the nod itself.

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