Conference Game Day #16

And things just went crazy. Again. Hooooly bananas. So many good performances, there should’ve been a late night post, but yesterday was nuts for a plethora of reasons. Sometimes real life does get in the way of blogging, but… recommit. We’ll go ahead and do the post that should’ve gone up yesterday tonight, so… fun times.

First of all: So, so, so proud of WWU!! Not that NNU isn’t loved around here, but… Vikings, we have missed you dearly. Second of all: Central. How awesome is Central? Finally a team blows out SFU again. Third of all: SPU. Cory Hutsen had an amazing game again! Knew he could do it. His free throws were still a joke, but… oh well. We’ve been waiting for Cory to actually make his presence all year.

So much good stuff, so praiseworthy, let’s dive right in.

MSUB 65 @ UAF 87

Wow, the Nooks weren’t frustrated at all now were they? It’s sad because we love MSUB, but it’s great because also love UAF. This game tells a tale of a bunch of good individuals and a bad team, whereas UAF tells a tale of a bunch of average individuals working as a team and being great.

Yellowjacket highlights: Kendall Denham had 12 points, four boards, and three assists; Marc Matthews had 20 points; Emmanuel Johnson had 7 points, five boards, and three assists; Jace Anderson had 20 points and four assists; Tyler Nelson had seven boards, six points, and four fouls. Nothing particularly good came off their minute bench.

Nanook highlights: Anthony Reese went 5-5, 3-3 from the three point line, and had fifteen points; Alex Duncan went 5-7 and had 13 points and five assists; Ashton Edwards had 13 points. Off the bench: Rashaad Allen had 11 points; Kyle Tomlinson had 15 points.

Here’s the thing Yellowjackets: We know you’re exhausted and depleted and you have little depth and things are hard and it’s easy to get down trodden. Don’t. We still believe in you, still think you’re great, behind you 100%, and know that things’ll get better. Listen to your coaching staff, trust each other, and work together, because you can do this. You can win games this season, and have it count and help you work toward next season.

SPU 73 @ UAA 72

Yet another amazing game. Rare instance when the better free throw shooting team lost. Here’s where we call into question SPU winning: Cory Hutsen only picked up two fouls in an overtime game? Yeah right. It honestly was assumed that UAA would take over and blow them out. Didn’t think SPU would get the Alaska sweep this year, which is fine, but it is what is. They did. Go Falcons. Or something.

Seattle Pacific highlights: Bryce Leavitt had nine points and five assists; Riley Stockton had eight boards; CORY HUTSEN had 23 points and six boards. Off the bench: Sam Simpson had 12 points; Shawn Reid had 9 points.

Alaska Anchorage highlights: Brian McGill (of course) had 13 points and four assists; Travis Thompson had 13 points and five assists; Derrick Fain was back to the Derrick of old, going 2-7, but still scoring 10 points. Off the bench: Christian Leckbend had a fantastic 19 points and four assists; Dom Hunter had 7 points and four boards on terrible shooting.

Super great game, will definitely re-watch it as time allows. Congrats to both the Falcons and the Seawolves on a hard fought battle.

NNU 55 @ WWU 86

That is a result of revenge. The Crusaders beat the Vikings the last time the teams met and… the Vikings don’t like getting beat and are more inclined for a beat down. A fantastic blog reader pointed out that they expected WWU to be better without Jaamon Echols, which is kind of what we’ve been saying all season, so not too surprising.

Crusader highlights: Alex scored 22 points and had eight rebounds; Erik Kinney, another fave, had 16 points. Ouch. That’s not many highlights.

Viking highlights: Ricardo had five boards and five assists; ANYE had 16 points, seven boards, four assists, two steals, four blocks, and three fouls for a full house; Jeff Parker had 19 points; Mac Johnson had 20 points and five rebounds. Off the bench: Kyle had 9 points; Blake Bowen had eight points.

Great night for WWU, it’s so good to see them bouncing back. Looking at the implications of the conference tournament: CWU and WWU in the conference championship game, winner goes, loser stays home? Chills just thinking about it.

CWU 112 @ SFU 84

There are no stats posted for this game, but luckily both teams are fairly predictable, so… we can make educated guesses:

Wildcat highlights: Dom Williams dropped 30 and again had a decent shooting percentage; Terry Dawn did work; Joe Stroud did more work, picking up boards and blocking every shot in sight; Gary Jacobs was dynamite off the bench. If they’re lucky, Caleb played five or ten minutes.

Clan highlights: Sango scored around 30 points, dished assists, picked up some steals; Rod did what Sango didn’t; Michael Harper did his best; Patrick Simon II showed some occasional brilliance but it wasn’t enough; JJ did his darndest off the bench.

Congrats to the Wildcats on a huge and very convincing win.

This post is set to go up at 3pm pacific because lazy Sunday… there’ll be a couple more posts later tonight: one a discussions post talking about all of our favorite GNAC players; another of the Nighlights that should’ve happened last night but didn’t.

Great job to all. It’s getting rough, dig in, we’re gonna dig in with the blog once again, and let’s do this. Let’s end this season strong.


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