Game Day Previews

Happy Heart Day! Hope y’all are… doing something that makes you happy. If you’re here reading this, most likely that’s true because loving basketball compares most easily and necessarily to breathing.

MSUB @ Alaska Fairbanks @ 2pm PST

Both teams are starting to get better, UAF had a great game against SPU; MSUB had a progressive game against UAA. Toss up as to who’ll win, but both teams would love to, that’s for sure.

CWU @ SFU @ 7pm PST

Central ain’t no fools, not to say the Clan are. Just Central is getting better by the game, so they should roll no problem.

NNU @ WWU @ 7pm PST

Really good game. WWU will probably win, but NNU needs to bounce back so it seems possible that if they commit enough they will? Honestly, WWU is looking like the WWU of old so it kind of seems like the Crusaders have little chance, but… this is the GNAC.

SPU @ UAA @ 8pm PST

Has there been a more disappointing game all year? This was set to be a great match-up and then with SPU’s losses last weekend kind of fell on its face. All the same, it should be interesting.


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