Game Previews

CWU @ WWU @ 7pm PST

Game of the night. Should be a good one. Think WWU’ll pull out, although if the Wildcats win… whoa.

NNU @ SFU @ 7pm PST

NNU’s gonna dominate. The SFU win over SPU was a fluke and at this point… I trust NNU more than I trust SPU. SPU’s playing like they have nothing to gain (which admittedly is true); NNU’s playing like they’ve got nothing to lose.

MSUB @ UAA @ 8pm PST

UAA should win; they have a great home court advantage, although may get some problems from a surging-in-confidence MSUB team.

SPU @ UAF @ 8pm PST

SPU should win, their guys should bounce back for multiple reasons. UAF could win, but the Falcons have got to be ragingly ready after that loss to SFU.


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