Player of the Week is… Anye Turner!

Anye had a couple of monster games in a week when monster games were not really had. That’s not to say that he’s not stellar, but this award wasn’t close -he was by and far a cut above the rest.

Against heated rival Seattle Pacific, Anye had nine boards and five blocks as well as seven points while picking up just three fouls and playing as many minutes as the Vikings needed him to -for guys that usually get in foul trouble, that’s huge. When it came to MSUB, dude was even MORE lights out with a full house and a double double; 14 boards, 16 points, two assists, one steal, four blocks, and just two fouls. Again, generally we love Anye’s fouling antics but he’s now developing ways of going deep into games and thus being even more effective. His blocks are becoming not only awesome, but smart and that’s great -he’s going deeper, his stats are going up accordingly, and it’s just all around good times.

Congrats Anye and good luck this week!


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