Previewing Tonight’s Games

Not too much of an exciting night in terms of games, but there are a couple. The Alaska schools have their second rivalry week of the year and then WOU @ NNU’ll be good too. Other than that it should be pretty mellow.

SFU @ SPU @ 4pm PST

Seattle Pacific should bounce back against Simon Fraser, although Simon Fraser may be out with more killer instinct that normal because of the loss at MSUB. Or something.

WOU @ NNU @ 6pm PST

Game of the night. #1 team vs. tied for #2 team. This is going to be a good one. Expect WOU to get it done, but NNU isn’t going to make it easy. Really excited to watch this game.

WWU @ MSUB @ 6pm PST

MSUB wants the upset, WWU wants to keeping rolling. WWU will roll.

SMU @ CWU @ 7pm PST

Cakewalk. CWU’s gonna roll. Good luck Saints -you’ll need it.

UAF @ UAA @ 8:30pm PST

This is gonna be good because rivalry games usually are. UAA should roll over the Nooks, the Nooks aren’t going to want to let it happen -they’re in last place and no one wants to be in last place, especially if to get out of it you get the chance to beat your rivals. It’s a fierce rivalry too -Polarbears vs. Seawolves, the tundra’s a scary place. Another good game to watch.

Per usual: we’ll have you covered on Twitter, just incase something exciting does happen.


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