Nightlights: Monkeys & Full Houses.

Whoa! What a great night of basketball games with an afternoon that started off terribly. We thought it was bad on Thursday against MSUB? Hooooly bananas. At least both of the games were entertaining? James A. Naismith is rolling in his grave if D2 basketball is part of his afterlife activities because yikes these games (SFU against Spillings) were bad. Can’t get over this: 26% from the free throw line, while attempting a total of 15 shots. We can all now take a moment of shame for our conference, that one of us put forth that number to the basketball Gods.

Still, we’re all about positivity here. The positive is that it’s not likely to ever happen again: even if you fill out a test completely randomly (i.e. a monkey does it) you’ll get 25% of the questions right; that’s right -SPU could’ve sent a literal monkey to the line and likely gotten about the same number of makes. Although because it was a monkey it probably would’ve thrown its poo rather than the basketball, but still.


Moving on. Sorry. Stats are fun. This is informal. It’s 11pm.

ANYE TURNER AND MAC JOHNSON!! Both had full houses, neither fouled out, team got the ‘W’, it’s a good day in Viking Land. MSUB as a team is improving greatly, which is awesome. They were more in the game against WWU than SPU. Sorry, it’s not pick on SPU hour, but… travel partners, yo! It’s the most recent comparison.

Riley Carel and Trey Ingram both had good games. SMU had a good game overall, and then CWU had a good game overall and it was close and it was exciting and so proud of the CWU team. Generally we love to talk about CWU’s cohesion -they play together really well, even if they don’t play great basketball. Tonight they played good basketball AND played together. It was awesome. Great job Wildcats. Good job Saints, exceeding our, admittedly incredibly low, expectations.

WOU/NNU was a really fun game… Alex Birketoft had some painful but okay learning experiences. It’ll be interesting to see what he does to come back from them. They just couldn’t beat the Wolves, but darn did they try. WOU got it done facing brutal games back-to-back-to-back, that honestly has to be one of the most unexpectedly brutal stretches: SPU, CWU, NNU; Falcons, Wildcats, and Crusaders, oh my, but they got through it, came out stronger, Julian Nichols was fine. They get a much deserved break with travel partner week this week, thankfully.

Final game of the night: UAA/UAF was really exciting, they were in the whole time, it came down to free throws, UAA was missing them. They left plenty of opportunity for the Nooks to win and UAF just couldn’t do it. This was also a pretty unattractive looking game -not particularly great shooting nor rebounding by either team, but at least it was exciting.

The full and more formal post’ll go up around noon tomorrow.


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