Previewing Tonight’s Games

Saint Martin’s @ Northwest Nazarene @ 6pm PST

It would kind of be nice if the Saints shocked the Crusaders, but the Crusaders have found their combo with Alex, Kevin, Erik, and to an extent Mike. If they want to prove their legitimacy -make it look like a cakewalk.

Simon Fraser @ MSU-Billings @ 6pm PST

A win over MSUB would put Simon Fraser that much closer to being in 8th place and thus not a bubble team for the conference tournament. Winning at MSUB is difficult -the Yellowjackets aren’t going to want to let it happen. It should be noted that this is the broadcast we swear by the audio feed of -listen to it every home game like clockwork while keeping an eye on the other games.

Western Washington @ Seattle Pacific @ 7pm PST

Seattle Pacific needs to get this win, period -no ifs, ands, or buts. There’s an understanding that this is a rivalry game and anything can happen, but put up or shut-up. This is not a year when losing to WWU is an acceptable loss.

Western Oregon @ CWU @ 7pm PST

Game of the night. This is going to be insane. This could determine the regular season title. WOU played an exhausting 2OT game against SPU, coming out as the victor. CWU played an exhausting game at NNU, with the ‘L’ falling on their side. Central is really hard to play at Central. It’s yet another “make or break” game. In fact, this game could determine whether or not our conference deserves a bid besides the auto-bid. Best thing for all involved -Central included- is for WOU to win this game. Win it and we can rely on ourselves as a conference to procure a second bid; lose it, and it’s out of our hands. Odd but true. Now, college basketball doesn’t work that way; the immediate reference is to BSU/Nevada back in 2010, when Nevada cost themselves $1,000,000 by beating Boise State at football. That’s not on the line here, but it’s a standard PNW cultural reference of: Always compete, expect to win. WOU will expect to win, CWU will expect to fight… Fighting Andy Avgi is a difficult prospect, so we suggest the Wildcats pack a lunch, and good luck to all involved.

Does it seem like we’ve gone from no game meaning anything to every game holding potential implications? Well… in most years, every game always has potential implications, and this year is no exception, but this year those implications were more minor and things were so up in the air at times it was hard to say what those implications were. Undoubtedly even now we’re still dealing with implications that we won’t see until later.

We’ll have you covered on Twitter.



  1. Anonymous

    Conference tourney is a 6 team affair, meaning more excitement and urgency for WWU, SFU, SMU, & MSUB. Would be awesome to see UAF get their stuff together and throw a monkey wrench in that scramble for #6.


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