Nightlights: Finally, WWU!

First road victory of the year! There’s the WWU we all know and love but also loathe. There’ll be more on it tomorrow, but straight up domination by the Vikings -they were up by 20 at one point, rarely dropped below 10. Awesome to see. They’re one of those teams that while it seems difficult, it’s still in the realm of possible for them to win out at least for the regular season.

Aside from that… What else is there really to be said? Alex Birketoft, of NNU, is a beast; can’t wait to watch him in person; so happy he’s a frosh. This says more about NNU than SMU, but SMU’s field stats make it look like they played SPU. SPU’s field stats look like they were trying to emulate SMU, um what? MSUB and SFU played an incredibly nasty game in terms of basketball and the integrity of fundamentals -MSUB beat SFU at their own game, but we’re not sure that’s a good thing. WOU took CWU much less seriously than they took SPU -percentage wise the number of minutes their starters played are significantly less, so that was interesting, but they still got the ‘W,’ and are that much closer to winning out.

Congrats to NNU, MSUB, WWU, and WOU on their respective victories -more in the AM.

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