When Bubbles Burst Due To Missing Info

Usually there wouldn’t be a post this close to game time because people have other stuff on their minds and other places to be, and yet here we are.

It was pointed out that only six teams make the conference tournament, a fact that’s been missing around here for ages. This is probably the biggest example of have-ism: The lower rounds were never particularly relevant, so even though I did in fact attend the lower-rounds last year… they didn’t stick.

Six teams in the conference tournament. At some point the info will be updated into all of the prior posts, but now is not that time -there are more important things like the here and now, OMG-WTF-BBQ of holy bananas that… who are our tournament teams?

This is so pathetic. We’re talking about conference tournament teams, not actual tournament teams. My GNAC, how far you’ve fallen. And the reality is: While it goes from 8-6 teams, it really doesn’t change anything because… bubble teams aren’t really in too big of a supply. In fact, it was more exciting thinking that it was eight teams, because:

Six teams: WOU, CWU, SPU, NNU, UAA, WWU.


SFU, MSUB, SMU, and UAF have been circling the bottom all year. In order for one of those teams to make it without a bunch of confusion that’ll be discussed later, they have to win out:

SFU needs to beat: SPU on the road, MSUB on the road, WWU on the road, and then Cenazar at home. Yeah right. They’ll win a couple or few games, but they’re not gonna sweep.

MSUB needs to beat: SPU on the road, Bankorage on the road, and then SFU/WWU at home and Cenazar at home. Again: Yeah right.

SMU needs to beat: Bankorage AND Cenazar on the road, and then WOU and SFU/Western at home. That’s not a recipe for success.

Cenazar sounds like a sci-fi version of Tsar, which sounds/is scary, so we’re keeping it and using it regularly. It’s awesome. We’ll make it a thing.

Admittedly things could get interesting if WWU drops a bunch of games, but… conference bias. That seems impossible. We’ll keep you posted. If WWU does happen to drop some games, then it gets complicated and you know we’re all about that confusion. Figure it’ll be a discussion on Tuesday, depending.

As for now: Good luck tonight!


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