Tuesday Discussions

First of all: shout-out to our commenters. We may not agree, but it’s about discussion! And thinking outside your comfort zone and questioning and becoming more knowledgable -Hey! That makes this blog sound a lot like what college is intended to do; so apropos.

This post: Anye ‘s awesome game, Riley’s awesome week, the WOU/SPU game, a brief touch on rankings, and what are nightlights?

The good: Anye!! Anye had such a massively amazing game on Thursday night against UAA, proving that it’s not about the player -it’s about the team. WWU lost a rough one, but Anye was still amazing. It was super great to see him play so many minutes -even with the foul out, absolutely worth it. He was just as productive as projected. It was actually pointed out in the mid-season analysis that we’d like to see him play around 30 minutes and up his productivity accordingly, and that’s exactly what he did. His numbers were sublime -that performance was beyond happy. And seriously: the numbers haven’t been approached by anyone else this year. He came in second in the race for player-of-the-week even while having a terrible (for him) second game. Congrats Anye. It was frustrating to not get to name him player of the week, but it is player-of-the-week, not player-of-the-game, and his second game wasn’t good.

The interesting: Riley Stockton won player of the week. The numbers were checked between him and a few other guys seriously four times a piece and ethics came into debate because it would’ve been a lot easier to name Anye or Julian POW, but what’s right isn’t always easy and what’s easy isn’t always right. Julian nor Anye earned player-of-the-week; Riley did. Just how it is. SPU thinks we hate on them too much, so they largely boycott the blog; Riley doesn’t care about the nod. Doubt he even knows he won. But he did. And as noted: It wasn’t close. And while Julian has gotten most of the comparisons because he played in the same games and thus was most similar: Anye played better for the week than even Julian.

But no one played better than Riley. Much like we haven’t seen a game like Anye’s; we haven’t seen a week like Riley’s. Although to be fair: He would’ve won even if you took out the OT in his usual 35 minutes a game, so to the conspiracy theorists: it’s about the whole package.

The potentially big implications:


Here’s a game that gave us something to talk about. Before either team’s fans go “YOU DON’T GET IT!” Um, yes, yes I do. I love this WOU team -my favorite player is Lew Thomas, I think Julian Nichols is awesome, Andy is fantastic and literally had his way with the Falcons. On the other side: Brendan Carroll was a complete turnover machine and because of that alone it wasn’t gonna end well. With all of that… the implications of this win/loss could ultimately be a positive for our conference and for Seattle Pacific.

If I’m part of the Falcon Faithful, I’m now rooting for WOU like heck. If WOU wins out, they could have a strong enough resume that even if they fail to procure the auto bid, they could still make the Tourney.

Falcon Faithful still complaining about the fact that Andy Avgi should have fouled out and Mitch/Matt shouldn’t have -Leave it. Shut-up. Matt and Mitch pick up a zillion fouls every game. Andy should have had a few, but whatever. When it comes down to it: if you have something to say, tell Brendan Carroll to stop turning the ball over so much. This game was yours -you were up by 11 at one point and you blew it; now fly home and put your trust in God like good little falcons.

The rankings:

It was missed last week, but WOU entered the rankings at 24, SPU received 9 votes, and CWU received one vote. This week that changed to see WOU up to 20 and SPU down to two votes. There’ll be further discussion about it at some point today.


Nightlights have become a thing. Bedtime stories, basketball edition. If players do well, if there’s interesting discussion in the comments that merits expansion, we’ll throw up a post (seriously: sometimes it’s verbal vomit) between the hours of 10pm and 2am and dub it “Nightlights” and whether you see it then or the following morning -it’s less formulaic, they’re not official, and really are just for fun. If you have a suggestion for irreverent discussion that should go on in Nightlights, by all means -leave a comment!

Up next: Wacky Wednesday!


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