Player of the Week is… Riley Stockton!

First: Take a deep breath. Second: This done through mathematics -it’s not a judgement call. Third: It wasn’t close. Fourth: Julian Nichols played the same opponents, had the same opportunity in regard to minutes, but didn’t play as well as Riley; that’s it; there’s no debate to be had.

This is player-of-the-week, not game; Anye had a bad second game, Andy had an incredibly minimal first game -it happens.

Riley Stockton is a good basketball player. He does get a lot of calls to go his way, there are suspicions about his last name getting him the benefit of the doubt (which considering John Stockton’s rep for bordering on dirty and his tactics thereabout, oookay then), but he does also have very good body control.

This week Riley hit 100% of his shots from the field against SMU. He also had five rebounds, five assists, one block, one steal, and one foul for a full house. Against WOU he played 49/50 minutes, made 4/5 free throws, had nine boards, three assists, and two steals, while amassing 13 points. It wasn’t enough to get the Falcons the ‘W’ but he did a fantastic job all the same.

Congrats Riley, and good luck this week!


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