Player-of-the-Week Nominees

Well that lasted a long time; forget it: We’ll still for the most part be nominating a player from each team, each week UNLESS there’s not any player that’s relatively consistent from a team -then, their nomination is “donated” to the best player not to get the nod.

Remember: this award is about having two good games in a week -it doesn’t matter what’s done in one game if a guy does little in the other.

UAF: Anthony Reese.
UAA: Brian McGill -he’s so consistent, although didn’t heed our advice regarding the turnover issues at SFU.
SFU: Sango. Shocker.
WWU: Anye -elite game against UAA. Best individual game by a GNAC player this year.
SPU: Riley Stockton -two fantastic games.
MSUB: Emmanuel Johnson -great game against WOU, decent game against SMU.
CWU: Joey Roppo -best of the decent against NNU.
NNU: Alex Birketoft -full house and shot 90% against CWU.
SMU: Nomination donated to WOU’s Andy Avgi -he was the fourth best player this week, but #2 on his team.
WOU: Julian Nichols -great game against MSUB, fantastic game against SPU.

Player-of-the-week announcement’ll go up at 5pm.


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