Nighlights: Within a Possession.

See? If you comment with something fairly worthwhile and something that might be a decent argument, you have the potential of inducing a bonus post for the day.

Also I get a bit defensive about “not being a homer.” One of the comments noted that I’m more likely to call into question an SPU last second loss than someone else’s last second loss. Well, SPU hasn’t had a last second win -their players would inform you that I’d call that into question too.

In fact, I did -two years ago. I called Jobi Wall’s shot during the conference championship game questionable. I remember screaming at David to take the shot, then he kicked it to Jobi, Jobi shot the NBA three, and it went in, and my arm went straight up at the scoreboard; I was wondering why the *expletive* people were on the court when it could likely get us a technical if it hadn’t gotten off in time.

Jobi did get it off in time, but the officials did in fact review it. When it comes down to the final tenths of seconds, it should always be reviewed. Always. There was something like .6 with that one.

Here is a chart from this year of all of the games that ended within one possession (thus far):


Here’s the brief analysis; bolded games were watched at the time they were played.

NNU 75 @ UAF 73 -the ball bounced off the rim. Not questionable.
WWU 60 @ UAA 62 -didn’t seem questionable.
SPU 66 @ WWU 68 -questionable. It was the last second and went in; therefore, should have been reviewed.
SMU 61 @ WWU 64 -not questionable; there was more than a second left on the clock.
SMU 66 @ MSUB 65 -insanely hilarious; Momir Gataric took a wide open lay-up rather than the three he needed.
WWU 71 @ CWU 74 -not questionable -neither the coaching staff nor the players reacted like it was, what-so-ever.
MSUB 59 @ NNU 57 -this could have been questionable; I didn’t see it. But NNU also didn’t have Alex at that point; maybe not questionable.
UAF 64 @ SMU 67 -this also could have been questionable; in fact, it probably was -the SMU score keepers are pretty bad, but these are basement dwellers -all it did was eventually create a meaningless mid-season three-way-tie. Big whoop.

So out of eight games that came within a possession, I watched six of them in real time, and then the two that I didn’t are at the very bottom of our conference standings; if someone is trying to convince me that they truly care about me not knowing firsthand whether or not there should have been outrage expressed and ungulate fecal matter accused over those two games -now I’m calling ungulate fecal matter.

Realistically speaking the SPU/WWU game is the only questionable one. And anyone that follows WWU/SPU would say that it should be reviewed. I actually talked to some WWU parents a couple weeks after that and they mentioned the call should have been reviewed, just for peace of mind, because you always review calls like that.

Tomorrow the usual Tuesday Discussions post will go up, usual because… We now have Wacky Wednesdays! New this week.


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