Conference Game Day #12

Eff. That. Superbowl.

Alaska Anchorage 115 @ Simon Fraser 98

That score is misleading -Anchorage’s victory was never in doubt, far as we saw. Simon Fraser… nice victory over UAF, couldn’t keep it going. All numbers modified.

Seawolf highlights: Brian McGill had 19 points and six assists; Travis Thompson had 20 points and four assists; Derrick Fain had 15 points and six boards; Dom Hunter had 9 points off the bench. The team shot 60% overall and 62% from three -wow.

Clan highlights: Sango had 16 points, three rebounds, and three assists; Justin Cole had nine points; Roderick Evan’s Taylor had 10 points.

Alaska Fairbanks 57 @ Western Washington 80

The Nooks put up a valiant fight, but… trying to take on WWU out home without your best player is usually going to end badly and badly it did.

Nook highlights: Ashton scored 13 points and had three assists; Eric chipped in 11 along with a nice nine rebounds; Almir finished with 13 points and 7 rebounds; and then off the bench Isaac had nine points. Nothing too shabby. Shooting for the most part wasn’t atrocious.

WWU highlights: Ricardo Maxwell had 15 points, four rebounds, two assists, and two steals; Anye Turner had a full house with eight boards, three assists, three steals, one block, four fouls, and two points; Jeff Parker had 26 points, along with three boards, two assists, and two steals; Mac Johnson had 12 points, seven boards, two assists, and four steals. The team went 8-8 from the line, which was great.

Seattle Pacific 84 @ Western Oregon 94 in 2OT

Andy Avgi had his way with the Falcons, Brendan Carroll was a turnover machine, the reffing was terrible on behalf of SPU, and Julian Nichols more than earned his nod as the conference’s best and one of the most consistent players thus far. This game’ll be in major focus during our Tuesday discussions.

Falcon highlights: Riley Stockton played a whopping 49 minutes and had 13 points, nine rebounds, three assists, and managed to not foul out; Brendan Carroll had six boards, two assists, six points, and a horrible six turnovers; Matt Borton had nine points, four boards, one assist, two steals, and fouled out; Mitch Penner had 19 points, seven boards, five assists, one steal, and fouled out; Cory Hutsen had 18 points, three boards, one assist, and fouled out. Off the bench: Joe Rasmussen had seven points and four boards; and Shawn Reid had seven points and three boards on terrible shooting.

Wolf highlights: Devon Alexander scored 20 points and had three assists, three rebounds, two steals; Julian Nichols scored 18 points and had six boards, six assists, and three steals; Lew Thomas had five boards, four assists, and three blocks; Jordan Wiley scored 10 points; Andy Avgi was amazing -finishing with 33 points, four rebounds, five assists, three steals, and two blocks but no fouls.

Central Washington 64 @ Northwest Nazarene 66

This game was insane! And the Crusaders did it, learning from the Alaska trip; super great.

Central highlights: Marc Rodgers had 10 points and five assists; Joey Roppo had 13 points and three boards; Devin Matthews had five boards and 11 points off the bench.

Northwest Nazarene highlights: Alex Birketofte! He had 16 points, eight boards, two assists, two steals, FIVE blocks, and two fouls while shooting a whopping 90%; Erik Kinney made his free throws -had a bunch of nasty turnovers, but: make your free throws so he’s fine and ultimately finished with 11 points; Kevin Rima had a double-double with 10 boards and 14 points, also making his free throws. Off the bench: Bouna N’Diaye managed to collect a full house with one rebound, one assist, one steal, one block, a foul, and eight points.

MSU-Billings 64 @ Saint Martin’s 75

Congrats Saint Martin’s on a nice victory. MSUB playing without Momir Gataric definitely helped -it probably would’ve been much closer had they had the man that’s become their main squeeze. All the same -exploit the weakness, take advantage where you can, that’s exactly what the Saints did.

Yellowjacket Highlights: Emmanuel Johnson finished with a full house with nine boards, one assist, one steal, three blocks, two fouls, and seven points; Jace Anderson added nine points; Jordan Perry added 11 points and nine boards; Tyler Nelson had seven boards. Off the bench: Antoine Hosley had 14 points, three boards, and two assists; and Marc Matthews had 21 points and four boards on 8-11 shooting.

Saints highlights: Trey Ingram had 15 points and six assists; Ryan Rogers had six boards; Tyler Idowu had seven points; Cameron Chatwin had 15 points and four rebounds on 5-8 shooting. Off the bench: Victor Ieronymides had a full house with four rebounds, one assist, one steal, two blocks, three fouls, and five points; Brent Counts had five boards; Isaac Bianchini had 11 points; and Tyler Copp had 15 points.

In the jungle, the GNAC jungle, it’s cool to follow the crowd. In the jungle peer pressure leads us to take bad shots all around… Some weeks there are endless highlights from tons of teams; this weekend it was pretty minimal. We’ll have to see about POW; we may go back to highlighting every team without even doing the “ten best players” thing because highlighting the 10 best players can at times be grimace inducing.

Regardless of how it’s calculated: POW noms & POW will be up in the AM.

Good luck recovering from that Super Bowl.



    • GNAC Men's BasketBlog

      Re: Stats

      This has been discussed to death: All of the Simon Fraser game stats are multiplied by .66 to put them in context with the rest of the conference. It’s fine that they want to play that tempo, but we need to be able to see what they’re doing in context with everyone else in any given week.

      Re: Reffing vs. SPU

      Has another team had more than half of their starters foul out in conference play while the opposing team’s primary scorer AND post didn’t pick up a single foul? No. They haven’t. If WOU saw Andy/Julian/Jordan or even Lew foul out, I’d call BS. If WWU saw Ricardo/Mac/Anye foul out: Again, I’d call BS. If SPU plays a game in which Cory Hutsen drops 20 and doesn’t pick up a single foul -rest assured: it’ll be called BS. Also: Love NNU, love Kevin Rima; if he plays a game and scores even 15 without picking up a foul: I’ll call BS.


      • Anonymous

        It was a 2OT game. 3 foul outs on one team is not that unusual. Does it say something about SPUs style of defense as much as it does the reffing? For the season, Mitch Penner has 45 fouls, Cory Hutsen has 52, and Matt Borton has 62. Andy Avgi has had 37 and hasn’t fouled out as well as having several other games with no fouls (never more than 3 in a game)… Looks like numbers pointing to a trend that got highlighted with 50 minutes of game time. Just sayin.
        I think you misinterpreted my indication of WWU and WOU. Those were the two games that SPU lost closely (last second bucket against WWU that might have been after the buzzer)… What I meant was not that other teams have had so many foul outs, but rather that other teams have lost close games with seemingly questionable calls at the end and you haven’t mentioned it. Not going to mention those games here, cause as I said, ultimately most games aren’t lost via the reffing and it is just part of the game. That’s cool. It’s your blog, but if you’re covering the whole conference, you’re going to have to deal with each teams fans that will notice different things than you…
        Seriously. I love getting the perspective that you give. It’s an addiction you share with others. Thanks. Ahaaaaaa. In the end it is just basketball.


        • GNAC Men's BasketBlog

          I put it like this: I support each team in the conference 9% and SPU gets 11% of my GNAC affection. The other fans are coming from the perspective of their team 100%. It may seem like I’m an SPU homer (which is true by 2%) but that team would like to point out that I’m also the biggest SPU hater by a long shot -and they’d be right.

          With that: while there is a stylistic difference with SPU, the numbers in this case don’t support the rest of your argument: Andy Avgi is averaging two fouls per game in 24 minutes; by that logic, he should have picked up four fouls and yet he didn’t pick up any. It’s the zero that puts the flag into play because it’s statistical outlier.

          In response to the SPU/WWU there is now a post that can be found here:

          The reffing… It’s like high school; even our rivals would admit we got boned by the refs; no good ever comes of maroon and navy. So it’s hard to say whether or not I just make teams angry and make them foul all the time, or if I’m bad luck and am the bringer of bad calls so I see them all the time, or if I’m possessing some of the players during these games and drawing fouls/fouling guys myself and then lying about it. I mean regardless: it’s clearly all my fault.

          But yes: you’re welcome for sharing my basketball addiction. It’s a fun project. Stressful and will be easier when SPU goes back to middle-of-the-pack next year, but fun all the same.

          BTW: the paragraph in the discussions post regarding the SPU/WOU game was almost fully written prior to this discussion here.


          • Anonymous

            Okay. Okay. No more fighting. You are clearly devoting more time and energy to your addiction for good reason than I am. Good points all around, and I agree; the love I show my team also translates into more criticism of them too. Avgi’s zero fouls sure was an outlier, but not everything that happens always fits nicely into the bell curve the way it should. Should he have picked up four fouls? Who knows. I didn’t tune into the game till late in regulation, so I can’t say that much, except that as I’ve already said I didn’t find the fouling situation worth pointing out. Whether that’s your 2% for SPU or not doesn’t really matter. I’m suspecting that there will be a rematch in the GNAC tourney, then we can see what adjustments they try to make.

            What this discussion does make me wonder more about is the stylistic play of the different teams, why certain strategies are employed and the ups and downs to different styles of play. Here the aggressive D that SPU employs often benefits them by disrupting other teams so much, but in this case the fouls seemed to cost them a bit down the stretch, but had the game not gone to 2OT, would it have hurt them? Seems like usually it doesn’t and WOU really just barely pushed the game to OT, but that’s when they started getting the upper hand by sending SPU starters to the bench and making their free throws when SPU was missing theirs. You know how some teams always match up well and make for exciting games and then the same team loses to another team lower in standings to them seemingly because they have trouble dealing with the style of play or is often said, not matching up well. Or say all the hype about the whatchamacallit SFU style that was analyzed in early season by the GNAC. I’d love to hear and learn more about what you see conference wide in that regard for a discussion one of these weeks.


  1. Anonymous

    1) The only time you ever seem to mention the reffing is when SPU loses a close one (WWU & WOU)… You think there haven’t been other close games with big implications for the respective teams that were tight and had lame calls? Little falcon (you said it yourself), love thy WHOLE conference.
    2) Bad reffing happens and usually isn’t worth mentioning. It is part of the adversity and luck that goes with sports. The cookie will likely crumble a different way for SPU (and all the other teams that lost a tight one they maybe shouldn’t have) next time or next year.


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