Game Day Previews

Alaska-Anchorage @ Simon Fraser @ 7pm PST

UAA had a great game at Western, SFU had an okay game against UAF. Not thinking the Clan’ll take down the Seawolves, but the Seawolves will have to stay on top of things -they can’t allow this to be a let-down game.

Alaska-Fairbanks @ Western Washington @ 7pm PST

Western needs to bounce back, UAF needs to keep the ball rolling. Western will bounce back. Anye had a crazy amazing game but they didn’t get the ‘W’ on Thursday so you know he’s gonna be itching to make an even bigger statement. Can’t wait to see what he does. Ruben Silvas isn’t on the trip for the Nooks, so unless someone else steps up big in a hurry… The Vikings will be enjoying some tasty polar bear for 11pm-sies.

Seattle Pacific @ Western Oregon @ 7pm PST

Oddly enough… the nod goes to Western Oregon and that’s completely honest. WOU lost up in Seattle, but for this game they’re at home and are gonna want the ‘W’ -Seattle Pacific is one of two teams truly standing their way from the probable win out of the conference season and getting this win would be huge. They got it last year, so with a better team and going against a worse one, no reason they can’t this year.

Central Washington @ Northwest Nazarene @ 7:30pm PST

This is a really anticipated game. NNU beat Central a few weeks ago and this time the Crusaders are at home -they know they can beat the Wildcats, “why not us” is the mindset. Central on the other hand has got to be livid about losing that game -Central’s mindset’ll likely be more “it should be us” so… brutal. This game is going to be brutal and really, really fun, theoretically.

MSU-Billings @ Saint Martin’s @ 7:30pm PST

Ahahahahaha. Who knows? Love both of these teams to death, but seriously:¬†Ahahahahaha. No matter what happens -domination or a close battle, whatever happens here one will remain, and regardless: it’s likely to be quacktastic. Watching this game’ll be like watching Maury with who makes what foul shots serving as paternity tests for which team is or is not worst in the conference.


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