Because there were a few really good performances that deserve to be talked about right now.

ANYE (WWU). Hoooly goodness. Yes, he fouled out, but he played 31 minutes and upped his stats accordingly. So ridiculously proud of him! No, they didn’t get the ‘W’, yes the loss sucks, but DANG, still a positively outstanding performance.

Dom Hunter from UAA went 12-13 from the line, undoubtedly procuring the win for the Seawolves. Yes it’s teamwork, but… MAKE YOUR DARN FREE THROWS is what we always say, and make them he did.

Anthony Reese & Alex Duncan! Couple of very balanced Nanooks -Anthony made his free throws and Alex had a double-double.

Sango is Sango. He scored 23 points, seven rebounds, three assists, and got two steals.

Julian Nichols HOOOLY Wolves. 11 assists, four rebounds, and four steals.

Saint Martin’s as a team made 100% of their free throws. Yes, you read that right: 100%. Who cares if you lose by thirty if you make 100% of your free throws, eh?

Riley Stockton went 5-5, 2-2 from three, made 4-6 free throws, AND had a full house. The Falcons overall were amazing shooters tonight, going a whopping 61% as a team.

The conference standings graph actually got updated tonight, so feel free to take a look at that too.

Tomorrow, the game day post’ll be up around 12pm PST.

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