Discussions: Player-of-the-Week.

Now that we’ve gone through half of the conference season and we’ve been using a specific formula for POW for the entirety of said half, we wanted to take a bit to see if we could answer the questions posed when the new format came about, as well as address new questions, and make any changes.

Here is the introduction of the formula used.

Here are the questions asked in the original post:

Trends -will the same guys win/get nominated all the time? By team, to a degree. Even in terms of the whole conference, to a degree.

Does it matter if they do? It’s called having good players and not-as-good-yet players. Each team has guys that are their go-to for various designations and shockingly they get nominated more often and then win more often.

Does it take into account stylistic differences among teams? Inconclusive. It takes into account SFU and makes it easy to compare against them -we put them in context with how they want to run their offense vs. how they have been as of late. It’s been interesting to see their stats suffer as they lose games; they still score so many points (generally speaking) that without the modifications, they’d look like a top team.

With the defensively strong teams, it’s hard to say. There haven’t been a ton of real defensive games -poorly shot games, yes; stifling defense like we saw during SPU @ WWU and WOU @ SFU, not so much.

Do teams that go deeper inevitably suffer because things are more spread out? Not particularly -each team gets a nominee or two every week. Also, it’s been interesting to watch the parity -often times there are two or three guys on the same team all within a minute distance from each other when the math is done, and then they’re also at the top of the conference. Playing with good guys definitely doesn’t stop you from winning. Sango’s only won once and he basically is that team. And usually when it comes down to it, he loses the battle in the same games.

Good teams are good teams and much as winning doesn’t affect our formula too much, the winning teams do have guys that win more often, likely because they play against better competition in practice.

New questions:

How many players have been nominated? 47 different players out of approximately 100 different guys have been nominated thus far. That’s assuming every team goes about 10 deep, which obviously every team does not. In fact, it’s pretty much only CWU that could get any one of those 10 guys nominated in any given week.

In terms of conference play specifically: 32 different guys have been nominated.

Which guys have been nominated the most? G Ruben Silvas (3), C Almir Hadzisehovic (3), G Sango Niang (6), F Anye Turner (3), W Riley Stockton (3), G Julian Nichols (4), P Kevin Rima (4), F Andy Avgi (5), W Momir Gataric (4), G Erik Kinney (4), G Travis Thompson (4), G Jordan Wiley (3), PF Matt Borton (3), G Dom Williams (3), and PF Joe Stroud (3).

The guys that have been nominated the absolute most are guys that anyone in our conference could name in terms of being a focal point of their team: Sango with SFU, Kevin and Erik for NNU, Andy for WOU, and Travis T. for UAA.

How many players have won so far? The award has been given nine times and eight different guys have won, including during non-conference play. During conference play, five guys have won and the award has been given out six times. Basically Matt Borton is a POW whore -he’s won twice.

Does playing power forward make it easier to get nominated/win? It was starting to be a concern that our stats were skewed toward the power forward position, but out of 15 guys nominated at least three times: six play guard, two play wing, four play forward, one plays post, and another plays straight-up center. In a conference lacking in centers, that’s really good balance.

What positions have the winners played? It’s been a mixed bag: Julian Nichols, Sango Niang, and Jordan Wiley are all guards; Riley Stockton and Mitch Penner both are wings; Matt Borton (2) is definitively a forward; and Kevin Rima as noted is a post.


For the second half, player-of-the-week isn’t going to be a participation award. As of today, it’ll be the top 10 guys regardless of team affiliation.

We reserve the right to revoke this change and go back to nominating someone from each team at any time.

We’ve now seen where we are and what guys are doing in conference. Now, things are serious. Time to get it together and get it done.

The first half all conference teams will be posted later today.


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