Halfway Mark: All Conference Teams.

There are 15 players that are a cut above the rest and so we’ll be naming three all-conference teams. These were done using the same formula used for player-of-the-week, and they’re listed in order from highest to high.

1st Team:

  • G Julian Nichols -Junior, Western Oregon University.
  • G Brian McGill -Junior, University of Alaska-Anchorage.
  • F Anye Turner -Senior, Western Washington University.
  • P Kevin Rima -Senior, Northwest Nazarene University.
  • W Riley Stockton -Senior, Seattle Pacific University.

2nd Team:

  • G Ruben Silvas -Junior, University of Alaska-Fairbanks.
  • F Matt Borton -Senior, Seattle Pacific University.
  • G Erik Kinney -Junior, Northwest Nazarene University.
  • W Mitch Penner -Junior, Seattle Pacific University.
  • G Travis Thompson -Senior, University of Alaska-Anchorage.

3rd Team:

  • G Sango Niang -Senior, Simon Fraser University.
  • G Jaamon Echols -Junior, Western Washington University.
  • G Ricardo Maxwell -Junior, Western Washington University.
  • W Alex Birketoft -Freshman, Northwest Nazarene University.
  • F Andy Avgi -Junior, Western Oregon University.

Honorable Mentions: F Joe Stroud, Central Washington; G Trey Ingram, Saint Martin’s; W Momir Gataric, MSU-Billings.

All-Conference Underclassmen:

  • W Alex Berketoft, Freshman, Northwest Nazarene.
  • G Trey Ingram, Freshman, Saint Martin’s.
  • F Jeff Parker -Sophomore, Western Washington.
  • G Terry Dawn -Sophomore, Central Washington.
  • G Kendall Denham -Freshman, MSU-Billings.

Conference player of the half: Julian Nichols.

Congrats to all, keep up the good work.

There’s one more post that’ll go up today, that being mid-season superlatives.

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