Player-of-the-Week Nominees

UAF: Almir had a good game against NNU and an okay game against CWU.
UAA: Travis Thompson -not a lot of great games were had, but Travis is always valuable.
SFU: Sango. Was the best of the bad against WOU and then again against SMU.
WWU: Anye. He’s consistent, but as noted: has to figure out a way to play more minutes/not foul so much.
SPU: Matt. None of the Falcons played particularly well; he was the best of the average.
MSUB: Tyler Nelson; see “best of the bad.”
CWU: Dom & Joe -both are very consistently good.
NNU: Erik & Alex; Erik had a couple of good games, Alex was great against UAF and okay against UAA.
SMU: Riley; see “best of the bad.”
WOU: Jordan W. & Julian; Julian was great against SFU and okay against WWU, Jordan was good against both.

Yup. It was a rough week. None of these guys would’ve won it against themselves from prior weeks. Player-of-the-week announcement will be up in a bit.


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