Previewing This Week

MID-SEASON!! We’ve officially made it half way through. So far, so exhausted. But it’s a good exhausted right? And kind of terrifying and sad to think that it’s pretty much half over. Probably more than half over because let’s be real: No GNAC team is making the Elite Eight.

Still -there are all kinds of fun posts planned for this week, starting today tomorrow! Unfortunately there’s going to be a slight delay because the GNAC website was down last night as of roughly 9:30pm PST and didn’t go back up until at least 3am.

To tide you over, here is the gist of what happened:

WOU 90 @ WWU 87

The Vikings went up, went down, went up, and then couldn’t hang on and the Wolves got the victory in Carver. Really, really good news for said Wolves, really bad news for everyone else.

SMU 87 @ SFU 97

Similar back and forth game -SFU would go up, SMU would reel the Clan back in, SFU would go up, SMU would reel them back in, and ultimately SFU went up and stayed there. But only once; no need to preemptively put your arms up and down; they simply won.

NNU 57 @ UAA 67

Similarly -UAA would go up, NNU would get back in it; UAA goes up, NNU gets back in it; UAA goes up. They had Brian, which obviously helped, but it was a close game. This is the other side of the learning experience for NNU. We’ll see what they do with it.

CWU 74 @ UAF 70

Huge win for the Wildcats. They swept the Alaska schools. Fourth time in conference history it’s been done. UAF was back in it at the very last second and just couldn’t hang on. They’re going to kick themselves for a long time on this one.

SPU 60 @ MSUB 44

There were tense moments but ultimately the Falcons pulled through it. Nothing too much to say; the Falcons got it done, per usual. Big thing was they needed WWU and UAF to win and the fact that neither team did means the Falcons’ position is precarious at best.

What happened yesterday will go up tomorrow, likely along with the usual POW stuff, but all of it’ll be later in the day than usual.

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