Game Day Previews

Good morning! Tonight we have four games on the horizon and as such, here we go:

Saint Martin’s @ Western Washington @ 7pm PST

WWU should kill them. The Vikings haven’t played many home games, the Saints haven’t played many good games, this is not a game that should be one to write home about. The Vikings should simply get it done.

Western Oregon @ Simon Fraser @ 7:00 PST

This game is a little bit more intriguing. Simon Fraser has been getting all of the calls when they’re at home, and so it’ll be interesting to see how WOU responds to that likely bit of adversity and frustration. Both UAA and SPU didn’t have an issue with keeping SFU in check and thus it shouldn’t be an issue for the Wolves either -they should win big without too much difficulty.

Central Washington @ Alaska Anchorage @ 8:30 PST

Both teams are on the rise. Both teams are deep. With Anchorage it gets written all the time -very difficult place to play, they have awesome guys like Kalidou (so glad he’s a frosh!), Brian McGill, and Travis. Together with the rest of the team, it would be great to see them show off why they were predicted to finish second and really drill it into Central, but… while UAA has three top guys, Central has about seven. It may be a road game, but Central is much deeper and so the exhaustion and foul issues should come into play less, thus giving them an advantage too. We’ll see what happens.

Northwest Nazarene @ Alaska-Fairbanks @ 8:30 PST

This is another good match-up. Northwest Nazarene with their play of late should win, BUT it’s on the road and it’s incredibly difficult to win in the Fairbanks gymnasium (aka the Patty Center). Obviously: Ruben, Ashton, and Kyle are great guys to watch on the Nooks, whereas the Crusaders’ll counter back with Erik, Kevin, and Alex. Really cool to note about this game: This is Kevin’s senior and final homecoming -he’s from Fairbanks and naturally is gonna be hugely motivated to keep the ball rolling with what the Crusaders have been doing.

Good luck to the Saints, Vikings, Wolves, Clan, Wildcats, Seawolves, Crusaders, and Nooks.

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