Wednesday Discussions

There hasn’t been a shenanigans post in some time and here shortly you’ll be in the middle of a doozy.

Before that: Saint Martin’s gets their actual hashtag, you all come visit after heart attacks of NFC championship games (or maybe you were simply bored while watching the AFC championship game?), DeflateGate, what is WWU doing, and you’re not being asked to do a lot for humanity on the whole -so stop complaining about player-of-the-week.

Saint Martin’s gets their actual hashtag: Because it actually identifies them.

UAF is obviously not an Alabama school; UAA isn’t an Arkansas school; SFU is no doubt Simon Fraser; WWU is the big WWU in the pond (nod to D3 Walla Walla); SPU is sometimes Seattle Public Utilities, but no one cares that much anyway; MSUB is clearly Billings (Montana State itself actually isn’t special like that); CWU is clearly CWU; NNU no one’s ever heard of anyway; WOU isn’t Western Ohio/Oklahoma; SMU in our world is NOT a reference to Southern Methodist, but in everyone else’s (including probably yours) it is. So they get their preferred tag or their full name. The #SaintsAlive thing admittedly feels kind of sarcastic; when that account tweets it while down by 20, the Saints are dead as a doorknob. Guess it’s part of that whole Catholic thing. All ballers go to heaven? Even when they’re dead, they’re alive with the Light of Jesus? Something.

Apparently after a heart attack of a football game, you people like to come here and spend time with the GNAC Men’s Basketblog? We’re honored. Or as noted: You were bored watching the Patriots and the Colts. With DeflateGate, either it matters or it doesn’t but they have to pick one thing. Losing draft picks seems stupid -it sounds like punishing a toddler after you get home from the store. The toddler won’t even remember what they did, nor will they care. Either remove the Patriots from the Superbowl or let it go.

The Seahawks seem to be on the side that no one cares, which is fine, we’re not really taking sides. Rules were broken. What if the game would’ve been won by the Patriots by a touchdown? What’s right is always right, even if no one else is doing it. What’s wrong is always wrong, even everyone else is doing it. The NFL has to decide whether or not this is a rule they care about and then either openly excuse the behavior and say “whatever,” or come down hard. Fact is -as of now, the Patriots cheated big time. They either should forfeit the AFC championship game or face no consequences, but punishing them in the draft just seems inane.

What the heck is WWU doing? I mean really. It was suggested that they could be intentionally tanking it because all possibilities have to be looked at, but seriously: What are they doing? Because that’s what it’s starting to look like and since eight out of nine teams are going to the wide open conference tournament this year -it might not be an entirely bad strategy.

Going off the assumption that they are somewhat intentionally tanking it -why not? If you could dominate, wouldn’t you want to, but if you couldn’t, why not write it in and develop your bench? That happens all the time and while it sucks for the seniors, it’s often better for the program’s overall health. If there are as many injury concerns as we’re being led to believe, the regular season is pretty meaningless this year anyway. The argument was made last year too, for the most part. All WWU has to do is make the tournament and theoretically they can count on a couple more home wins and other teams doing battle to punch their ticket.

And in regard to Anye in particular; he’ll do fine in any workouts he has with European teams, so it shouldn’t hurt him too much to not be playing major minutes, and could actually help in regard to keeping his body fresh.

That’s actually the exact problem with this conspiracy theory though: a lot of these games are close and the guys are playing major minutes. Their legs have to be increasingly dead. Everyone gets up to play WWU. This blog makes excuses all day long for the Vikings and yet right now they’re 2-5, with six out of their seven conference games being incredibly close. It’ll be interesting to see what happens this week when WOU and SMU head up for a visit.

How player-of-the-week is determined:

Every week people get annoyed by it. It’s an algorithm. It’s consistent. How about being happy for your conference brethren? How about being proud of them? How about wanting your opponents to be at their best? There’s a massive amount of insincerity permeating the human race that really grinds my gears. Evolution may say that we instinctively want worse for those around us, but the whole point of that whole humanity thing is that we have abilities beyond basic animalistic tendencies -we’re supposedly capable of more than pure survival instincts; to see the light; to see the joy; to see reason and to theoretically love wholeheartedly in spite of basic evolution telling us not to.

If evolution isn’t your thing: Eve ate the apple, no? Yes. She did. And we were all banished from the garden of Eden. 4,000 or so years later: “For a child has been born for us, a son given to us; authority rests on His shoulders; and He is named Wonderful Counselor, Mighty Father, Prince of Peace.” (Isaiah 9:6, NRSV)

Our Wonderful Counselor told us to love each other as he loved each of us -enough to die for us. To die for our sins so we wouldn’t suffer, but instead receive everlasting life.

That seems a little extreme -in terms of teammates: rebound for each other, eat healthy meals for each other, get lots of sleep for each other, do well in your studies so no one gets academically ineligible -that all seems doable. As for your opponents? Genuinely wish one another the best at all things, in all times, on all days. Be happy for each other. In light of what He did, the ransom He paid -seems pretty silly that some of us try and do nasty things in a silly little game.

Granted, you could say that about life, but seriously: hold yourselves to a higher standard than the cesspool that is humanity, I mean c’mon -you live here. The natives that lived in the Pacific Northwest were notoriously benevolent -get with the program. MSUB -you joined our conference of potlatches -if you want to pillage and scalp instead, go join the RMAC.

Anyway: The formula will be kept private. As noted this week: Kevin Rima and Riley Stockton were two people that it was really hard to deny week after week; if a human was truly making the judgement call, they would’ve each already won at least once. Right now, things aren’t fair nor perfect, but the formula is consistent week in and week out. The computer does the math, but it’s often double and triple checked by human hand just to be on the safe side. Winners have come from literally half the teams in the conference so far and half of the winners have been from teams with losing records. Coincidence, but goes to show that anyone can and does win. We’ll go over the winners from conference play next week and re-address some of the questions that we had about the fallacies of the algorithm early on.

TL;DR: Saint Martin’s has a generic acronym; Ballghazi; Is WWU tanking intentionally?; Love your fellow conference folks.

Usual game predictions will be up tomorrow morning. If you have suggestions for a basketball parable: leave it in the comments, shout us out on twitter, or email us at gnacmbblog at gmail dot com.

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