POWs: Kevin Rima & Riley Stockton!!

Well Glory Be. The metrics used to calculate this process go into decimal places, so it’s wholly unexpected that we’d have a full-on tie, and yet: that’s exactly what happened.

Here we are with two great guys doing fantastic things for their teams, game in and game out; they get nominated frequently, they put their bodies on the line, they do what it takes to make their teams better, they play so many minutes, they’re high character men, and epitomize the idea of blue collar basketball.

It’s such a blessing to get to name both of them player-of-the-week the same week because they’re different positions, from different ends of conference expectations, and yet constantly act as shining examples of what makes basketball great. Every week of not seeing one of these two get the nod was disappointing in a sense because they are so fantastic and so deserving on the whole.

What’s great about each of them in this particular week:

Kevin shot 70%, made 84% of his free throws, averaged eight boards a game as well as 2.5 fouls. Those are some high percentages. There are a lot people that question why guys like Dom Williams, Jaamon Echols, and Shawn Reid haven’t won yet -it’s because those are the types of numbers you have to average in order to get the nod.

That is, unless you’re productive in other ways; Riley is a great example of the other side of winning POW: He shot 55%, made all three of his free throws, and then averaged 10.5 rebounds, 3.5 assists, 1.5 steals, and one block per game (no rounding up). That’s a full house. He averaged a full house AND a double-double –as a guard. And we’ve seen Riley’s assist numbers go much higher -is a triple double on the horizon? Hmmm.

Congrats guys! You’re both amazing on and off the court.

Good luck this week: NNU’s got their hands full heading up to Alaska -nuff said; SPU is facing an MSUB team on the rise, on the road at an always difficult Alterowitz, and so while they have the extra day -it’s a day on, not a day off.

Once again: Could not be more proud of either of them, although look forward to being proven wrong in that respect.

Have a peaceful MLKJ day. Tomorrow, we’re going to take a mid-season look at the Pac-West and the CCAA.


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