Player-of-the-Week Nominees

First and foremost: Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

I have a dream that one day I will not be on an NSA watch list for posting “Go Clan,” over and over again online. Oh, and referencing and supporting “Jihadists.” For those that missed the joke: blog nickname for the Crusaders -aka the Jihadists of yesteryear.

Meanwhile back in the stream (’cause we’re collectively salmon, ’cause Pacific Northwest pride):

UAF: Anthony Reese -had a great game against the Falcons and a decent game against the Yellowjackets.
UAA: Travis Thompson -made his free throws.
SFU: Sango -single handedly kept them in the game at CWU and is the do-all night in and night out for the Clan.
WWU: Ricardo -not a great week of shooting, but shot through it anyway and scored a combined 35 points.
SPU: Riley Stockton -consistency is this guy’s middle name; double-double both nights, full house against UAF.
MSUB: Jace -had a couple of above average games, including averaging 23 points per game.
CWU: Joe Stroud -getting to be one of the more consistent guys in our conference, this week was no exception.
NNU: Kevin Rima -averaged 20.5 points and eight rebounds.
SMU: Tyler Copp -had a re-christening ceremony with 19 points.
WOU: Jordan and Julian -Julian had 17 points and seven assists; Jordan had 21 points and four rebounds.

As regularly noted: Any number earned against SFU except fouls is modified; SMU and WOU are ineligible to win due to playing only one game. It’s player-of-the-week not best performance of the week.

Congrats to all nominated; the winner will be posted in one hour.


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