Conference Game Day #8

Good morning! What another amazing night of basketball. It seems like that gets written almost every post, but it’s completely true. The perks of having parity.

UAF 64 @ SPU 76

Initially it looked like the Nooks were going to be able to keep it close against the Falcons -alas it was not to be, but they gave a valiant effort. Similarly to Thursday, they’ll probably cite a missing Ruben Silvas; this actually may be relevant this time because as noted: usually only two out of their big three will have a good game on any given night, but no one has consistency, so maybe it does make all the difference. Still, no guarantee.

Player highlights are limited and include: Anthony Reece with 18 points, four rebounds, three assists, and two steals; Eric Fongue’s 10 points; Almir Hadzisehovic’s 16 points, six rebounds, and four assists; and finally Adam Griffin’s eight points. The great news is that the Nooks had no low lights beyond the lack of highlights -no insane turnovers or horrifying shooting percentages besides Ashton’s, which at this point was expected.

In regard to the Falcons: Riley Stockton posted his second double double in a row with 12 points, 11 rebounds three assists, two steals, two blocks, and one foul for a full house; Matt Borton also had a double-double with 13 points, 10 rebounds, two assists, and one steal; Mitch Penner had 12 points, seven rebounts, two assists, and three player fouls; Cory Hutsen picked up five boards; Will Parker had a monster night off the bench, scoring 15 points on 5-6 shooting and 3-3 from 3; Joe Rasmussen got into the action with six boards and seven points; finally, Shawn Reid chipped in nine points and four rebounds. The Joe Rasmussen play is critical because the Falcons lose Cory Hutsen after this year and they’ve had exactly no back-up center play as of yet.

Not a bad game for either team. Wouldn’t say it was a good game either though. It continues to stun how good the Falcons are at working as a team -you don’t see many teams where multiple guys regularly pick up double doubles.

UAA 70 @ MSUB 62

Road warriors -the Seawolves bounced back and got the W, although it was pretty close at half time and the number ultimately inflated because of fouling. Still beyond thrilled with this MSUB team striving to find their identity and getting better every day.

Player highlights for UAA: Brian McGill with 10 points; Travis Thompson with 14 points, going 8-8 on free throws but an abominable 2-10 on field goals; Travis Parrish chipped in five boards; Sjur Berg added nine rebounds and eight points; Dom Hunter was yet another guy with a monster game off the bench, scoring 22 points.

MSUB highlights: Jace Anderson contributed 18 points two nights after having a great game against UAF; Momir Gataric had a great game with 17 points on 6-8 shooting, with six rebounds and five assists; Jordan Perry added seven boards; and Tyler Nelson grabbed 11 rebounds.

The Yellowjackets now have a week to prepare to take on the Falcons and you know they’re gonna be in super sting mode for that game, which should be good.

WWU 73 @ NNU 80

There’s a bit of smugness with that score because it was one that we’d highlighted as a possibility. Still don’t know what’s going on with the WWU roster -Anye didn’t play this time. It’s almost as though the coach wants to save their legs for the conference tourney, knowing that only the winner is gonna get a bid anyway, just… it’s January. Try winning games and committing to defense. The idea is out there, but it has to be BS, right?

Player highlights for the Vikings include Ricardo Maxwell with 28 points, although going a dismal 2-9 from three; Jaamon Echols was back in action and had 15 points; Mac Johnson picked up nine boards and eight points. Those were the highlights. What’s happening to you WWU, what is happening?

Crusader highlights there’s a special amount of pride in; Kevin Rima had ANOTHER terrific game, somewhat supporting the idea that his stats didn’t necessarily deserve to be modified against SFU because this time he picked up 29 points and seven boards, with 11-14 shooting and 7-7 on free throws; Alex Birketoft picked up 13 points, eight boards, two steals, and a block; Erik Kinney had a full house with 18 points, six boards, three assists, three steals, and four player fouls; Aubrey Ball also chipped in nine points. Biggest point of concern is going to be Erik’s seven turnovers, but a ‘W’ is a dub, eh?

SFU 95 @ CWU 104

While the score is much lower than the predicted result, the overall result isn’t that surprising. SFU’s offense is designed around Sango, Patrick Simon II has some good moments, but Sango is ultimately essentially they’re entire offense. Without going too much into what we’ll address next week: SFU has lost a lot of games, but they’ve also played a lot of road games.

Clan highlights, unmodified: Sango with 46 points, 10 rebounds, and six assists; Justin Cole contributed nine points and a very poor shooting percentage; Roderick Evans-Taylor added eight points and six rebounds, Patrick added nine rebounds but just four points; Daniel Deflorimonte added 10 points; and Mathijs van der Mars added eight points.

Wildcat highlights, also unmodified: Marc Rodgers had five assists; Joey Roppo had 14 points, five rebounds, and five assists; Terry Dawn had 17 points, seven rebounds, and two assists; Joe Stroud had 18 points, four rebounds, three asissts, two steals, two blocks, and three fouls for the full house; Dom Williams added 28 points on 5-5 free throw shooting, along with four rebounds, six assists, two steals, two blocks, and three fouls for the full house; Julian Vaughn added eight points and eight boards; finally, Devin Matthews added eight points.

The reason the numbers are unmodified is largely to show Sango’s 46, but also to contrast how getting other players involved is so critical. The overall number is much lower than expected, which is funny, but it happens.

SMU 68 @ WOU 82

The Saints were in it for a good long while even without Riley Carel. Interesting game in that respect -Riley Carel is a good player that can and does often propel that team further than they would’ve gotten into any given game, and yet… Tonight it was awesome to watch a lot of other guys have some good games even with the ‘L’ in the column.

Saints highlights: Tyler Copp had 19 points, three boards, three assists, and two steals; Trey Johnson added 10 points and seven assists; Ryan Rogers added eight points and six boards; Victor Ieronymides picked up five boards; and Isaac Bianchini picked up 14 points on 5-7 shooting.

Wolves highlights: Devon Alexander had 12 points, five assists, four rebounds, and six steals; Julian Nichols added 17 points and seven boards; Lew Thomas had seven points; Jordan Wiley had 21 points; Andy Avgi had 16 points and five boards; and finally Marwan Sarhan added six boards.

Good to see WOU do exactly what they needed to; next week they play at SFU and at WWU, which is gonna be much rougher than facing their travel partner at home.

As noted: good night of basketball. Good job to all the guys involved. Player of the week nominees + winner will be posted tomorrow morning.


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