Game Previews

Good Morning! Some interesting game times today, so be sure you pay attention.

UAF @ SPU @ 5:15pm PST

The Falcons should have little trouble but complacency breeds impotency and thus they need to watch out for the Nooks. The Nooks are coming off of a brutal loss in OT to MSUB and so getting a win against the Falcons would be HUGE for them. Teams always get up to play SPU so Seattle Pacific should watch their backs; Nooks on the prowl. And c’mon, let’s be real: Would ANYONE pick a Falcon to beat a polar bear? I think not.

WWU @ NNU @ 6pm PST

This actually might be another good game for NNU to win. They’re coming off of a not terrible victory against SFU, WWU’s yet to win a road game, no clue what’s up with the Vikings roster but it’s been really limited, so… if NNU’s gonna make a statement, this would be a good chance. WWU obviously feels like crap after losing to rival CWU, they’re gonna be out for blood, they should take this game seriously although it’s hard to say whether or not they actually will. WWU should get the win.

UAA @ MSUB @ 6:30pm PST

The Seawolves should win this, but will they? MSUB is starting to come on and it’s SO exciting to watch them come together. You can probably tell: we pick on SPU and SMU and blindly support MSUB -don’t ask; it’s complicated. But yeah, the Seawolves should be fine unless MSUB decides they’re not. Like the NNU game -it could be close, it could be a blowout, it’s unlikely that MSUB is on the good side of the blowout, but Anchorage very well could be.

SFU @ CWU @ 7pm PST

This is yet another train wreck waiting to happen that cannot wait to be watched. Dom vs. Sango. Defense, who needs it? CWU can get up in points and SFU has likely met their match. That’s not a good thing -CWU is coming off a huge win in their mind, SFU isn’t even beating teams that are in too deep against them, so for a team that’s decidedly not: things could get ugly and yet it will likely be nothing short of spectacular.

SMU @ WOU @ 7:30pm PST

This is likely to be a blowout. The good thing about WOU blowing out SMU is that it helps our collective SOS on some level because that’s one fewer loss that a good conference team has. The bad thing about WOU blowing out SMU is that it means SMU continues to be hopelessly pathetic, which quite frankly is getting darn frustrating because broken record: they’re not THAT bad. It’s getting to thirteen-year-old girl levels of “they can’t even.” Next thing you know, they’ll come out wearing One Direction warm-up shirts. Yeesh.

Should be a good night of basketball. Good luck Nooks, Falcons, Vikings, Crusaders, Seawolves, Yellowjackets, Clan, Wildcats, Saints, and Wolves.


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