Conference Game Day #7

Root, root root for the home team… Home teams got it done.

Western Washington 71 @ Central Washington 74

Remember how it was stated that Seattle Pacific deserved to lose their game against WWU? Central deserved to lose this one. There is a huge asterisk with this win because WWU literally only played seven guys and pretty much played only six -Anye only put in eight minutes, Jaamon Echols didn’t play. Ooookay.

This doesn’t really work, but in Anye’s eight minutes he managed to grab three rebounds and score two points; figure he played 24 minutes that would put him at 9 rebounds and six points, which actually would’ve helped a lot and he probably would’ve scored more than that anyway.

Jaamon Echols? It was actually sad he didn’t play partly because of a sick type of enjoyment out of wanting to see him go against Dom Williams -both take an endless amount of terribly selfish shots and the curiosity of which would be less awful in the same game -it was a train wreck begging to be seen; alas it didn’t happen. Maybe at WWU.

The good news for Western: Ricardo Maxwell went 8-12 from the line, picked up eight assists, and ultimately scored 16 points; Jeff Parker went 8-14 and scored 21 points; Mac Johnson picked up 13 rebounds; Jeff Parker grabbed eight boards and six assists; there were no injuries and the Vikings live another day, though they likely feel dead inside.

The good news for Central: They beat a rival! Woo-hoo! Joey Roppo went 6-9, 2-3 from three, and 3-3 from the line ultimately scoring 17 points; Terry Dawn picked up five boards; Joe Stroud had a monster game going 8-12 and 4-4 from the line as well as picking up seven rebounds and SIX blocks; Dom Williams grabbed five boards and had seven assists for thirteen points.

The bad is that Central seriously had some seriously bad shooting. It’s getting really redundant to the point that it’ll be addressed not this Tuesday but next Wednesday when we look at conference wide statistics and do mid-season superlatives and all of that.

Probably the worst thing to come out of this game is that with the WWU loss, our odds of getting a second bid are now at approximately 5%. Like it or not, WWU has national name recognition in ways other teams don’t. They were ranked in the top 25 to start the season which seemed stupid at the time and has proven to be exactly that.

Simon Fraser 103 @ Northwest Nazarene 107

Interesting game. Five guys from SFU fouled out, it was back and forth the whole time. Okay, it wasn’t THAT interesting because as much as there’s no overwhelming dislike of SFU’s offense, it’s not real basketball and it’s one thing to play not real basketball when you’re winning but an entirely different thing when you’re losing. It’s like obesity; if you’re an obese NFL lineman or Olympic shot putter, okay; if you’re an obese anyone else, being obese is doing exactly nothing for you and it’s a losing proposition that should probably change. Like that situation: not sure that SFU could change even if they wanted to, which is the real problem.

It’s one thing to play your personnel to its strengths, but an entirely different to allow guys to play fundamentally lacking basketball and not bother to try and develop them into defensively adept players -how does that help? Dessert for dinner EVERY DAY!

The SFU highlights, numbers modified of course: Sango went 5-6 from the line, picked up three assists, three steals, and eighteen points; Justin Cole picked up 10; Roderick Evans-Taylor had four rebounds and 12 points; Patrick Simon II went 4-4 from the line and had 8 points; JJ Pankratz scored 10 points and picked up three steals. It was fairly balanced, SFU played a ton of guys, there were some nasty shooting percentages (Justin & Roderick) and that’s about it. Not a bad game, not a good game.

Northwest Nazarene is actually an interesting case of when it’s tempting to not modify Kevin’s numbers. The reason for that is it’s not out of the realm of what he usually gets. In fact -compared to SFU’s offense being on steroids this could be considered a less than good game for Kevin, much as he did what was needed.

NNU highlights, numbers modified: Alex Birketoft had six boards and six points; Erik Kinney had six boards and 10 points; Aubrey Ball went 5-9 for 10 points and had three assists and three rebounds; Kevin Rima had a nine boards and twelve points; Bouna N’Diaye went 9-1o from thre line and finished with 12 points. Bouna had a nice game; he seems to thrive when little defense is played, which isn’t a good thing but oh well. Biggest problem for NNU was turnovers: they had two guys with six and one guy with five. Yeesh. But that is SFU’s game and they still pulled out the win, so good on them.

Alaska-Fairbanks 78 @ MSU-Billings 83 in OT

This game… first and foremost: Proud of MSU-Billings for pulling it out and doing what they needed to do. To the UAF fans that think this win should look questionable because you guys were without Ruben: the thing about your three best is that usually only two of the three are functioning; there’s not the consistency that major players on other teams have. Often times one of the three is almost silent anyway.

Nooks highlights: Anthony Reese went 4-5 on field goals, 2-2 on threes, and 2-2 from the line for 12 points; Alex Duncan chipped in six rebounds, four boards, and two steals; Ashton Edwards added five boards, four assists, and 22 points; Eric Fongue chipped in four rebounds, one assist, one steal, and the most inopportune foul since MSUB’s game at SPU last year (shout out to Matt Borton); Almir Hadzisehovic went 9-13, contributing 20 points; and overall the bench didn’t do much statistically beyond relieve the starters.

MSUB highlights: The MVP of this team has got to be Eric Fongue, without whom, they would’ve lost. Kendall Denham, poor Kendall: he went 7-8 on free throws with the one he missed being the would-be game winner -still, he hit the tying one and otherwise contributed 16 points; Jordan Perry contributed 10 points and five turnovers; Momir Gataric added 11 points, seven boards, and four assists; Tyler Nelson added a whopping 10 boards; Antoine Hosley had 12 points off the bench; and jace Anderson had 27 points off the bench on 8-14 shooting, making 6-7 FTs, WOW!

Nicely done MSUB on taking advantage and getting it done when the game is on the line. Been saying all season that this team would find an identity and that the coaching staff is great at developing players during the season -this game continued to prove that. MSUB probably does ultimately take the cake in terms of favorite conference coaching staff -they know what they’re doing, get the most out of their guys, and it seems like it would be fun to be on the MSUB team.

Alaska-Anchorage 51 @ Seattle Pacific 73

Interesting result, very interesting. It feels unwise to make any grand proclamations until we’ve gotten through one full round of the conference round robin, but it also appears that you can officially group UAA in the second tier category for this year. That’s not a knock on UAA -in fact, there’s a great level of annoyance that they can’t make anything happen for Travis, but it’s true. They got blown out by both WOU and SPU and then are yet to play CWU. The win against WWU, which would usually be huge, doesn’t seem as quality as it might -plus, that win was at home; if they can replicate it at Carver, hmmm.

One of the most interesting statistical trends about when teams play SPU is how barren their side of the stat sheet is. Anchorage’s highest field stat was the four rebounds picked up by Kalidou; their two biggest point scorers were Brian McGill with 10 and Travis Thompson with 17. Those are the only highlights and usually we wouldn’t even highlight four boards because the minimum number to consist of a highlight is five boards and five or more points.

The above is a testament to SPU, but… Seattle Pacific had kind of a lethargic game too not in terms of being bad, but just in terms of what appeared to be general malaise. Highlights: Riley Stockton had a double double with 10 boards, four assists, and 13 points; Mitch Penner added 21 points on 7-10 shooting and 6-8 free throw shooting; Cory Hutsen went 9-12 and finished with 18 points; Shawn Reid had eight off the bench.

Very routine game. They’ll need to wake up against what’s going to likely be a rather salty UAF team.

Overall not a bad couple of nights of basketball. Tomorrow’s game preview post’ll go up at 10am and then we’ll see what ultimately happens in regard to twitter; usually this would be a “tweet night” but instead it’s more likely to be a late-night post type of Saturday, so there’s that to look forward to.


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