WWU vs CWU: Who Should You Root For?

Another huge rivalry game. It is impossible to say what’s going to happen, Central’s entire team is stacked -Western’ll depend on who they have back.

Here’s who to root for depending on your team/conference affiliation:

UAA: WWU -they beat WWU, so they want the win to look good; they haven’t played CWU.
UAF: WWU -they also beat WWU and are yet to play Central.
SFU: WWU -also beat the Vikings.
WWU: …
SPU: Lost to both on the road. No clue what to tell you. Probably root for WWU simply because of their reputation and because the Goliaths should stick together.
MSUB: CWU -they lost to WWU substantially but didn’t lose to CWU by much and thus they want to make that near miss look more quality.
CWU: …
NNU: CWU -they beat the Wildcats and are yet to play WWU, thus they want to legitimize the win.
SMU: WWU -barely lost to Central, it would be better for them for the CWU record to suffer.
WOU: Barely beat Central, haven’t played WWU… CWU is probably the better choice in terms of impact, but a WWU win enhances their chances of making the tournament.

To the SPU and WOU folks: No idea. Pick your favorite. If you’re totally split, see above, or just root for good basketball. There’s a reason this post isn’t going up until 3pm, because particularly with the Falcons -who knows? It’s not like it truly matters yet; the implications of this game could get heavy, but as for now the Wolves and Falcons can both honestly say that their stance is neutral and they just want a good game.

To our West Region friends:

Pac-West: CWU -legitimize the wins.
CCAA: WWU -legitimize the loss.

To our non-D2 friends:

WWU is one of two Goliaths we have in our conference -the other being Seattle Pacific. CWU is the scrappy and annoying under dog that has often done some serious damage. Both programs are quality, both coaching staffs are quality, there isn’t a bad team to root for, it all comes down to personal preference. Realize that WWU would help our conference procure more bids to the NCAA tournament, and so conference wide it’s kind of preferable if they win. At the same time, a CWU win provides more breathing room, so it’s kind of preferable if they win.

Game time is 8pm PST and can be found on Root Sports. For those without TV: We’ll have you covered with all the action on Twitter.

Go Vikings and go Wildcats; good luck to Central and good luck to Western.


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