Player of the Week Nominees

Players that only play one game are ineligible to win, both games each week are taken into account, and it’s done by a mathematical formula which does not change except to make it fair to teams that aren’t playing Simon Fraser and their frenetic pace.

UAF: Ruben Silvas -Went 4-4 from the line, made 3-4 over all, picked up five boards.
UAA: Travis Thompson -Went 7-11 and 5-6 from the line, along with five boards, four assists, and three player fouls.
SFU: Sango Niang -made his free throws, was for the most part consistent.
WWU: Mac Johnson -consistency, made the guys around him better, planted himself in the paint.
SPU: Mitch Penner -had a crazy high shooting percentage against SFU and then again: consistency; makes his free throws.
MSUB: Momir Gataric -distribute, distribute, distribute.
CWU: Joe Stroud -great shot selection.
NNU: Alex Birketoft -had a full house against Saint Martin’s, did okay against Western Oregon.
SMU: Riley Carel -he’s regularly nominated, he’s a consistent guy, but he’s also consistent in his poor shot selection.
WOU: Andy Avgi -our new favorite/poster boy center because Cory Hutsen isn’t cutting it.

Winner’ll go up in an hour.


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