Game Previews

Is there a bad game tonight? No. Whatever game(s) you watch, you are being treated to some gooood (or at least parity filled) basketball.

MSU-Billings @ Simon Fraser @ 7pm PST

Toss-up. Simon Fraser needs to win in order to make a statement that they’re in the top half of the conference, MSUB needs to win in order to make a statement that they’re not the bottom of the barrel.

Northwest Nazarene @ Saint Martin’s @ 7:30pm PST

Northwest Nazarene and Saint Martin’s both played heartbreaking games on Thursday, SMU by choice. The aggravation with SMU is getting overwhelming and so it’s to the point when you have to simply refuse to care because they clearly don’t so why should anyone else? NNU’s a different story -their bench play was abysmal, WOU succeeded in shutting Kevin Rima down, but at least they’re playing with gumption generally speaking.

Central Washington @ Western Oregon @ 7:30pm PST

Central is obsessed with the fact that they’re in the top half of the conference, even going so far as to say that they belong in the upper echelon with SPU and WWU. It’s fine if you brag like that, but around here we go by the motto of: never make anyone want to beat you more than they already do. As such: WOU -Central knows they’re better than you and so you should probably just give up now. It’s not like you guys had a better non-conference record, hold a better conference record, and actually play as a team or anything.

According to Central, they’ll beat WOU by at least 10. We’ll see what WOU has to say about that.

Alaska-Anchorage @ Alaska-Fairbanks @ 8pm PST.

Hello rivalry game. Anything can happen, the teams are fairly evenly matched. Love Brian McGill, Kalidou Diouf, and Travis Thompson; also love Ruben Silvas, Ashton Edwards, and Kyle Tomlinson. Being forced to choose, UAA plays a more team oriented game -Brian McGill is a master of making the guys around him better, which is always valuable. However, this is at the house of the Nooks, so… who knows?

Seattle Pacific @ Western Washington @ 9pm PST.

Arguably the biggest rivalry game of the year. While it might be nice as motivation to think that SPU knocked WWU out of the tourney last year, reality is: the other two conferences are to blame. Still -this rivalry gets streaky; it hasn’t really gone back and forth for a while. These games are always insane, it was pushed back a couple of hours because of the Seahawks, the result is gonna be madness and quite frankly: the wait is going to be palpably heavy all day.

Sorry Central, but… again: humility is something you need to learn to cultivate. Let your play speak for you. That’s what WOU’s largely been doing. Rarely are sides taken, but… coming from the perspective of the Goliaths: shut the … up and put the ball through the … hoop; pick which ever words you want to go in there.

Good luck to all involved tonight, be safe on the roads and on the respective basketball courts.


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