Previewing Tonight’s Games

Good morning! Welcome to conference weekend #3.

MSU-Billings @ Western Washington @ 7pm PST.

It would be easy to say that Western Washington should kill MSUB and if everything goes well -that’s what will happen. Thing is, MSUB is starting to figure themselves out and we’ve been saying that about Western for weeks and it’s yet to happen. It means that either WWU is going to blow the Yellowjackets out completely or the game is going to be fairly close. While almost an entirely different team -MSUB beat WWU last year and the coaching staff is still there. In the GNAC it tends to be coaching staffs that ultimately form team identities for good and for bad, so we shall see.

Seattle Pacific @ Simon Fraser @ 7pm PST.

Before last weekend, it looked like SPU would crush SFU. Now… the Clan’s had a week to figure out what happens when they lose/what happens when they go down, and how to adjust accordingly. The recipe for beating them hasn’t changed yet because it hasn’t had to. SPU needs defense, obviously; Simon Fraser needs offense, obviously, but will the Clan shoot the Falcons or will the Falcons poop on the Clansmen? Hmmm.

Central Washington @ Saint Martin’s @ 7:30pm PST

Saint Martin’s needs a conference win badly, even after beating MSUB. The win against MSUB wasn’t pretty in the slightest -just as the loss against NNU for the Wildcats was pretty unpalatable. The thing is, both teams tend to have horrible shooting percentages, both teams have good pieces, the question is: can either unit function as a whole? Whichever does a better job will win this game.

Northwest Nazarene @ WOU @ 7:30pm PST

Western Oregon should crush the Crusaders, but will they? The Crusaders want to keep the ball bouncing after a great win against Central Washington. Playing at WOU is tough stuff -they have a good home court advantage plus are a difficult team to play. But if the Crusaders want a shot, now is as good of time as any -if they can win this game, it’ll make taking on Saint Martin’s that much more palatable and give them that much more of an advantage over MSUB. If the Wolves win this game we’re back to the status quo, which as noted in our Wednesday discussions: wouldn’t be a bad thing at all.

Good luck tonight to the Clan, Vikings, Falcons, Yellowjackets, Wildcats, Crusaders, Saints, and Wolves in no particular order.

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