Player-of-the-Week Nominations

As noted previously: CWU & NNU players are ineligible to win because it’s player of the week, not player of the game.

UAF: Ashton Edwards -dropped 30 against WWU and then went 8-8 from the line against SFU.
UAA: Brian McGill -made his free throws, very complete player, did exactly what he needed to do to get his team a ‘W.’
SFU: Patrick Simon II -good shot selection, grabbed boards, made his FTs; can be said for both games.
WWU: Harris Javier -had eight assists against UAA and then played 37 minutes, scoring 11 points against Fairbanks.
SPU: Riley Stockton & Matt Borton -Both were incredibly consistent, aggressive in their rebounding, and team first guys that still scored plenty.
MSUB: Momir Gataric -had a good game against Saint Martin’s and then a decent game against WOU.
CWU: Pass. If the guy that played “best” goes 7-19, no.
NNU: ERIK KINNEY! Holy potatoes! Full house, played 38 minutes, one board away from a double-double, WHOA.
SMU: Tyler Idowu -A couple of above average but consistent games against MSUB & SPU respectively.
WOU: Andy Avgi -great games against both the Falcons and the Yellowjackets; uses his weight really well.

More information in regard to how it’s decided can be found here.

The player-of-the-week announcement will be posted in about an hour.

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