Final Scores of the Night

SFU 111 @ UAF 121
WOU 72 @ MSUB 64
SMU 52 @ SPU 87
NNU 74 @ CWU 67
WWU 60 @ UAA 62

Whoaaa! Hold onto your hats, folks; we just had another great night of GNAC basketball. A solid six full hours, but who’s counting?

Initial thoughts on tonight:

When UAF’s three key guys are firing, they’re firing -nicely done Nooks; WOU got it done in a difficult place to play; SPU did exactly what they were expected to; NNU with the upset over CWU -very awesome for the Crusaders; UAA and WWU played exactly the game we expected them to with Brian McGill’s awesome court vision and his teammates great rebounding at the end.

Everything wants to say that WWU is cracking, but… can’t do it. Really can’t do it. MSUB is gonna get some really pissed off Vikings, blah blah blah, but this’ll also be the Vikings first conference game at home, so… they should win. With tonight; they lost the turnover battle, rebound battle, free throw battle, and playing in Alaska is just hard straight up.

Sleep well Nanooks, Wolves, Falcons, Crusaders, and Seawolves! The rest of y’all… sleep well too. Ball is life, but in this unfathomably giant universe, life is pretty insignificant so in the grand scheme of things: it’s just basketball.

More thorough analysis’ll be posted sometime in the AM.

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