Final Scores of the Night

SMU 66 @ MSUB 65
WOU 76 @ SPU 84
WWU 60 @ UAF 64
SFU 86 @ UAA 108

What a fantastic night of GNAC basketball! The Seawolves proved themselves to some degree, WWU became 0-2 in conference play, MSUB… let’s not talk about it, and Seattle Pacific pulled through without a major collapse. WOU should bounce back against the Yellowjackets, so it’s not too concerning.

Overall a great night of some really exciting basketball -only one game was a blowout, and considering no team has managed to blowout Simon Fraser this year it’s a major triumph no matter who is doing it. Huge kudos to the Seawolves! Enjoy your one day in between, because as noted on twitter: Western is gonna be pissed.

Analysis’ll be up in the morning. Morning may vary by definition.



  1. Anonymous

    I love being in the Patty Gym when WWU comes to town. Oooooozing with talent and in 2013, 2014, and 2015, they have no answer (I believe all 3 years were 4 point losses). They lost by about the same to SFU~seems like they need to figure out what their game is and how to play it. UAF controlled the tempo from the 10 minute mark of the first half on… Nooks also have a lot of Bellingham connections on their team and those players played fired up tonight (your previous analysis claimed that the talent that can’t land a spot on WWU heads to CWU, but I think UAF got a few pieces of talent from WWU too-Duncan, Fongue and Reese). Stat line doesn’t show the energy they brought in tonight, but it was electric in the Patty house. I’m sure you could watch all 3 of these Patty Center games and see the same thing~kudos to our coach for getting WWU’s number and not letting go.
    one happy Nook fan who adores Fairbanks!


    • GNAC Men's BasketBlog

      Fairbanks is by far my personal favorite place in the GNAC, hands down. Fact is though: most people don’t share my enthusiasm about living there, and if you look at how many guys (and coaches for that matter) get the heck out as quickly as possible, it backs it up.

      As for your players: You rely a lot on two-year guys; the fact is, it’s a rebuilding year when you can’t go anywhere anyway. I said in my preview you’d play the upset role -looks like you did just that. Even in my prediction of the game, I didn’t say WWU would win because they have such a history of losing at UAF. This post may also be of some interest to you.


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