The West Region As It Stands

What is each conference’s record vs. the other?

GNAC vs. the Pac-West: 11/30 (36%)
GNAC vs. the CCAA: 2/8 (25%)

Pac-West vs. the GNAC: 19/30 (63%)
Pac-West vs. the CCAA: 13/22 (59%)

CCAA vs. the GNAC: 6/8 (75%)
CCAA vs. the Pac-West: 9/22 (41%)

GNAC vs. the West: 28%
Pac-West vs. the West: 63%
CCAA vs. the West: 50%

What is the signature regional win for the top five teams in each conference?

Azusa Pacific beat Western Oregon & Cal Poly Pomona.
Dixie State beat Stanislaus & Saint Martin’s.
Cal Baptist beat Monterey Bay.
Hawaii Pacific beat Central Washington.
BYU-Hawaii beat Seattle Pacific.

Sonoma State beat Dominican & Alaska-Anchorage.
Cal Poly Pomona beat Azusa Pacific.
Stanislaus beat Dominican & MSU-Billings.
Chico beat Alaska-Anchorage.
Monterey Bay beat Notre Dame de Namur.

Western Oregon beat Dixie State & Monterey Bay.
Seattle Pacific beat Hawaii Pacific.
Western Washington beat San Bernardino State & Hawaii-Hilo.
Central Washington beat Academy of Art.
Simon Fraser beat Holy Names.

Thoughts on bracketology?

Bracketology is something that’s regularly contemplated and yet this year there just isn’t anything to really go on. We need to get through the first round robin. Even then… it’s hard to say, especially in regard to the GNAC. Assuming we only get one bid… it’d be impossible to even guess the seed, even with as bad as we were. If one team were to start slaughtering all conference foes, they could actually work their way up into a higher seed. Or if the other conferences self implode while the GNAC remains intact.

Last year was fairly easy to predict and extrapolate compared to this year, which sounds ludicrous because last year turned into chaos. This year that chaos is more expected and yet… it’s become even more chaotic. Trust me -as soon as there’s something to write about bracketology, it’ll be written and posted.

Name your eight teams?

No. Fine. I hate you. These aren’t seeded at all and aren’t really based off of much.

Azusa Pacific
Cal Baptist
Point Loma
Cal Poly Pomona
Chico State

Sonoma State hasn’t played anyone. Honestly, that bracket is so rough, we’ll do this again in four weeks once we’ve hit a full round-robin in conference.

With the GNAC… Dreaming of the days when we had four teams in the tourney and Western won it all. Reality is, we’re guaranteed to get one team -who that one team is… it comes down to your own particular perspective ala which team your homerism wins out for.

Is Basketball Fun?

Predictions aren’t quite made to be wrong, but as Oscar Wilde once said, “When you assume, you make an ass out of u and me.” Oh well; meaningless speculation is fun. Life is fun. Basketball is not fun. No sir, basketball was fun, basketball is not fun any more, not even a little bit; basketball is zero fun, sir.

Random quotes zooming off into cross applying Remember the Titans to basketball is how we make it fun in the middle of the season when hoops get old.

For those that are new: here at the GNAC Men’s Basketblog, we love our shenanigans posts. Christmas Break has been a nice 10 days or so of minimal basketball, but as we get back into the grind, undoubtedly shenanigans posts will pop up -that is one way we’ll try and combat some of the inevitable stress and keep things funBecause as noted previously: basketball is a blessing, first and foremost.

Hope your holidays were safe and restful! Individual GNAC team previews will be posted tomorrow and Wednesday.


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