Rating the 1st Weekend of Games

And whether or not you should watch them:

Simon Fraser @ Alaska Anchorage

Rating: Watch it.

Let’s see what SFU can do, let’s see if UAA can and will take a stand. That’s pretty much the season’s motto for the two respective teams at this point.

Western Oregon @ Seattle Pacific

Rating: Meh.

This should be a game to watch and yet it just doesn’t have that feel. Hopefully it’s a really good game because WOU and SPU are thus far at the top of the conference, it makes sense with their personnel, the second game they play is guaranteed to be interesting, but this early… doesn’t hold the lore.

Saint Martin’s @ MSU-Billings

Rating: Watchable, but likely cringeworthy.

How low can they go, Yellowjackets, how low will you go? Hard to say whether to hope that the Yellowjackets finally make a point that they’re not the bottom feeder they’ve been proving to be, or hope that SMU actually plays cohesive, unselfish basketball and wins it. Intriguing game, but for the wrong reasons.

Western Washington @ Alaska-Fairbanks

Rating: Meh

This is a really funny game if you’ve followed the GNAC for a bit -WWU cannot win at UAF. This should be a good year for the Vikings to break that streak. Theoretically that game shouldn’t be that interesting except for WWU fans, but if the Patty Center has its way again… the Nook faithful will have a good time on their hands.

Simon Fraser @ Alaska-Fairbanks

Rating: Do or do not.

This’ll be a game for SFU to prove that they’re in the upper half of the collective conference breath. UAF is the perfect team to do that against, but will they?

Northwest Nazarene @ Central Washington

Rating: 50/50

Statement game for Central Washington. If NNU wins it won’t be that big of a deal to anyone but Central fans and shouldn’t be that big of a deal to NNU fans, but if CWU wins convincingly it’ll help cement them in the upper half.

Saint Martin’s @ Seattle Pacific

Rating: Meh.

Seattle Pacific should get it done, no big deal, end of story. There may be drama at first, but it should smooth out by early in the second half.

Western Oregon @ MSU-Billings

Rating: We’ll see.

The Wolves will theoretically have little issue, but it’s still odd to put them in the context of expecting to kill teams. Figure they win by 10 or so.

Western Washington @ Alaska-Anchorage

Rating: Intrigue.

If Anchorage doesn’t win this game, consider the Seawolves officially in the lower half of the conference. If WWU doesn’t win the game, things become far more muddied. But the Vikings should.

Monday will be the next post release and it’ll be a look at the West Region -the CCAA and Pac-West. Not sure if it’ll be one or multiple posts. Individual team previews will be posted on Tuesday and Wednesday before official predictions are posted on Thursday.

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