Pre Conference Play Rankings

  1. Western Oregon
  2. Seattle Pacific
  3. Central Washington
  4. Western Washington
  5. Simon Fraser
  6. Alaska-Anchorage
  7. Alaska-Fairbanks
  8. Saint Martin’s
  9. Northwest Nazarene
  10. MSU-Billings

The top five are complicated, but here’s the reasoning:

  • WOU has figured out their lineup the best of any team so far -they know what they’re working with now and they’ve been able to get it to function consistently without a ton of continual tweaking.
  • SPU only has one bad loss among a few head scratching losses -they seem close to figuring it out.
  • CWU has a bunch of fantastic guys, but the team is still seen as volatile.
  • WWU has the best loss of any team in the conference (to Tarleton State), considering it’s being viewed as a down year for basketball on the west coast.
  • SFU has a killer guy in Sango Niang and knows their system well, but as other teams figure it out and are more prepared for it, there could be problems ahead.

In short: SFU jumped up, Anchorage fell down, MSUB fell way down.

Up next: players to watch during conference play.

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