Player-of-the-Week Nominations

UAF: Ruben Silvas -had an okay game against BYU-H and then kicked up a notch against Humboldt State with 15 points, eight rebounds, four assists, and one steal.
UAA: Travis Thompson -had a full house against Humboldt State with 20 points, two rebounds, one assist, two steals, one block, and four player fouls.
SPU: Mitch Penner -dude was on fire: 11-11 on free throws, grabbed eleven boards, three steals, two blocks, and ultimately wound up with 26 points for a heck of a full house.
MSUB: Kendall Denham -didn’t have spectacular numbers but was the most valuable to his team against Montana-Western.
CWU: Caleb Dresser -12 points and nine rebounds in 11 minutes of play.
NNU: Kevin Rima -13 points, eight boards, four assists, becoming relatively his usual.
WOU: Jordan Wiley, Julian Nichols, Devon Alexander -they played their roles and did well; very balanced.

This week’ll only be nominations due to the lower level schools being played. The Alaska school nominees this week will count as a part of next week.


MSUB vs. Chaminade
Western Washington vs. Thompson Rivers.


  • Chaminade more, MSUB less.
  • WWU more, Thompson Rivers less

This week there are games literally every single night as we get the final non-conference games out of the way. Next week will bring a series of posts about things that we didn’t get to talk about because chaos has been reigning. These things include: a look at the non-conference west region, rankings and polls, and power rankings of our own conference.

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