Previewing Tonight’s Games

Congrats to NNU on not allowing Boise State to double their score, losing a mere 51-91. Take the moral victories where you can.

We’ve reached a point where games against the Frontier Conference are anticipated more than games against D3 schools. George Fox? Please. Montana-Western? Poop is potentially going down. Please win this one big MSUB, please. Or don’t. Because there’s also the David syndrome taking over even within our own conference, and getting accustomed to wanting the little guys to win. Not at the point of saying “Ride on George Fox/Quest,” but if they do win it’ll be straight acceptance rather than the throes of consternation.

Seattle Pacific vs. George Fox
Central Washington vs. Quest

Now, the big games tonight: The Seawolf Jamboree.

BYU-Hawaii vs. Alaska-Fairbanks @ Anchorage
Humboldt State vs. Alaska-Anchorage.

The Seawolf Jamboree was among the most recommended tournaments pre-season and the anticipation of the match-ups have even gotten more so at this point. BYU-Hawaii is going out with a bang (they lose their athletic programs in a couple of years) leading the Pac-West, and Humboldt State is in the basement of the CCAA -good practice on both accounts for both Alaska teams. We’ll see if the Seawolves can finally get their collective ‘as’ with an ‘s’ in gear.

Ultimately the decision was made in waiting to check in with the rest of the west region because all non conference games against them finish up next week, at which point there’ll be a massive post with analysis, what the implications are, and all of that jazz against our regional compatriots.

Let’s go GNAC.


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