Player-of-the-Week is… Matt Borton.

As noted: there is finally a formula being used to calculate player of the week. We’ll see how it works during the rest of non-conference, but for conference play we have our algorithm. Thus far it’s been checked against a bunch of different players on a few different levels (D1, D2, preps) as well as being more extensively looked at in terms of the GNAC specifically.

It’ll be interesting to see what it does during the next bit of non-conference, but that’s essentially been established with the player-of-the-week stuff before; if your team plays below-level teams and/or doesn’t play enough games, it’s irrelevant. It’s like this week: Sango and Anye both were great, but they weren’t even considered because they only played one game a piece. The idea is the player-of-the-week, not best performance of the week.

As such that person is Matt.

Matt played 36 minutes at NNU while going 5-7 on field goals, 2-4 from three, and 2-2 on free throws. He also added five rebounds and one assist while amassing two turnovers and four fouls.

During the Falcons’ game at CWU, his performance was nothing short of stellar. He played 35 minutes, went 7-11, 0-1 from three, made 4-6 free throws, had an amazing full house with 14 rebounds, four assists, one steal, one block, a singular turnover, and then picked up a raging four fouls. That is one of the most complete performances out of any GNAC player this season, much less this past week.

In terms of the algorithm, it’s a great performance to start out with: one of those games was a blowout, another was a loss, he wasn’t the leading scorer of his own team on either day, his shot selection was superb, he played against another guy with good numbers, as well as on the same team as a guy with good numbers, he played whilst in foul trouble both nights, and in terms of both games he was good one night and great the next.

Congrats Matt!


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