Player-of-the-Week Nominations

GNAC FAM! First time this is being done on a first name basis. If you’re confused, look at the tags.

UAF: Almir -Went 7-9 against WOU and still had eight points in a close loss to SMU; most of those points were in fact FTs, but basketball 101: make your free throws.
UAA: Kalidou -He’s starting to make a name for himself as part of the Seawolves’ Terrific Trio, averaging 16 points and going 7-7 against WOU.
SFU: Sango -Not if but when he’ll be named player of the week again; he should up his rebounding game just ’cause he can. This guy is the Rodney Stuckey of the GNAC thus far.
WWU: Anye -Even adjusted, the dude had 13 rebounds and 18 points while going 10-12… plus again: watch him play in person if you haven’t.
SPU: Matt -Because someone with a normal name needed nomination; no the guy had a full house AND a double-double at CWU, averaged 35.5 minutes for the trip, AND went 5-7 in the game against NNU.
MSUB: Momir & Austin -Ultimately couldn’t pick; Austin needs to stay out of foul trouble because his rebounding numbers are getting screwed; Momir needs to improve his court vision, but he’s a great scoring threat with great stamina.
CWU: Dom -Needs to improve his shooting percentage but gets it done; led CWU straight-up with 19 points against SPU and 31 against MSUB.
NNU: Kevin -Had a full house against SPU without a single turnover, and then had 16 points and eight rebounds in the Crusaders’ win over MSUB.
SMU: Trey -scored 21 points against UAA, seemed off with the absence of Ryan Rogers during the UAF game but was the best option the Saints had.
WOU: Andy -Went 10-14 against UAF, finishing with 26 points and six rebounds, then had 12 and five against UAA; likely would’ve had more in the second game, but wasn’t needed because blow-out/lack of Travis Thompson.

There is no clear favorite. Reminder that every school gets a nominee each week. If someone you think should be nominated wasn’t, odds are it’s due to their shooting percentage and/or lack of minutes. Leave your suggestions/votes in the comments -your name and email are entirely unnecessary.



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