Predictions: GNAC Game Day #2

Alaska-Anchorage @ Western Oregon

Toss-up. Anchorage is going to be tired after the game at Saint Martin’s, but both teams are looking to get a sweep for the weekend and WOU is at home. According to our pre-season poll, UAA is 3rd and WOU is fourth with a huge potential for upset. Travis Thompson, Kalidou Diouf, and Brian McGill are a heck of a trio and yet… Lew Thomas, Jordan Wiley, and Andy Avgi with the potential x-factor of Julian Nichols make a compelling case. We’ll see here shortly.

Alaska-Fairbanks @ Saint Martin’s

Another toss-up for the inverse reason -these teams both lost close games and are bound to be exhausted without the winners high. They’re also likely to both be playing with a chip on their shoulder. UAF has Ruben Silvas, Kyle Tomlinson, and Ashton Edwards, while the Saints have Ryan Rogers, Trey Ingram, and Tyler Copp -all six of whom have proven to be clutch. We shall see.

Seattle Pacific @ Central Washington

Toss-up. Rivalry game. CWU is a difficult place to play, their guys are really aggressive particularly with the Falcons, and the Falcons themselves have been up and down whether or not anyone wants to admit it. There’s more consistency out of SPU in regard to guys like Riley Stockton, Cory Hutsen, and Matt Borton, BUT there’s more breakout potential with Gary Jacobs, Dom Williams, Marc Rodgers, and Joe Stroud. Defense wins championships and yet pure unadulterated aggression is something the Wildcats have in spades and the Falcons struggle with. We’ll see.

MSU-Billings @ Northwest Nazarene

Toss-up because reality says both teams are bad. That’s not to say there’s no love for the Crusaders nor the Yellowjackets, but… paper. These things exist on paper. MSUB: Momir Gataric, Austin Hudson, Marc Matthews, Antoine Hosley. NNU: Kevin Rima, Erik Kinney, Aubrey Ball, Mike Wright, and Bouna N’Diaye if he’d ever show up again. There’s the slight inclination to pick the Yellowjackets, but NNU is at home and there are plenty of ways to exploit the Yellowjackets; maybe the Crusaders will have actually taken note; once again: We’ll see.

Western Washington @ Simon Fraser

Western Washington. Part of us hopes that WWU plays smash mouth defense and holds SFU to 50 and gives them a massive reality check; another part of us hopes SFU wins a close one; and yet another part of us hopes that the game hits like 150 points a piece and doesn’t care in the slightest who wins.

This is why we don’t make predictions. The only game with an actual prediction is WWU vs. SFU and that one is waffling. Too much knowledge of various x-factors, plus the driven in fact that any given night, anything can and will happen, and at this point: especially in our conference.

Good luck to all.

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